July 5, 2010

Dragon-i @ Gurney Plaza new wing

Had a late lunch with honey one lazy Saturday, and we checked out the newly opened Dragon-i at Gurney Plaza new wing

The outlet here occupies a shoplot space and the middle area of the LG floor right in front of it; with its kitchen still retaining open concept but not as 'open' as the one at Queensbay, due to its location within the inner area of the shoplot space.

The interior deco was also not as refined and elaborate as the one at Queensbay as well.

Braised Pork Rib Ramen

Ma Por Tofu Rice

Shanghai Small Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao) .. wooopps, forgot to take pic of this one


* Honey's Ramen was good - very flavorful soup base with tender pieces of braised pork - I almost finished the soup til the last drop!
* My Ma Por Tofu rice tasted nice but the tofu could be cubed into smaller pieces for maximum penetration with the sauce
* Xiao Long Bao's filling wasn't as savory as we expected it to be, though the soup retained within was superb
* Wait time was outrageous. Our order chit took ages to arrive at our table (indicating our order got entered in the system way long after they took it)
* Other tables which came after us were served food while our drinks were not even served yet

I was disappointed with the service and wait time given the fact that I did spot quite a few experienced staff from their Queensbay outlet.

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