July 25, 2011

Dining on Super Star Libra

Some tempting photos to showcase the sumptuous culinary served on board of Star Cruise's Super Star Libra... PG > Krabi > Phuket > PG

Captions to be continued.....

July 17, 2011

Frozen Yogurt @ Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Frozen Yogurt, or froyo - as CBTL calls it, catches the craze of yogurt as CBTL introduces a handful of specialty Blended Swirl Yogurt which caught my attention.

I tried the Black Forest Espresso Blended Swirl at the G-Hotel outlet of CBTL recently, and this was how it looked like (after taking what seemed like AGES to prepare)

Does the look of this blended swirl tempt your taste buds and make you feel like you wanna try it? Maybe it does huh? Well it did not quite make it based on the looks though.

So I gave it a try - the yogurt tasted NORMAL. Just like any other yogurt you'd find elsewhere. So I tried the black pearly stuff and I reckon those were coffee beans? Coz they had very strong coffee aroma. Then came the best part of all - the concoction at the bottom-most layer of the whole cup - which tasted like black forest alright, but it was more like a blend gone wrong whip-cream of some sort. HORRIBLE. RM 9.90++ for a regular-sized blended swirl when I could've gotten a decent ice blended by topping up a bit of money.

Don't try this, seriously. It's either they messed up my cup of blended swirl big time or the 'recipe' was wrong to start with. Either way, I'm not gonna try ANY froyo at CBTL anymore.

Tsunami Village @ Tanjung Bungah

My mom's kawan-kawan sekalian intro-ed her to a reasonably-priced seafood place and we've visited this place a few times now, and the seafood is indeed fresh and inexpensive.

Here are some of the dishes we have sampled before...

Asparagus Stir-fried with Sambal (RM 8)

This dish was not bad, but some of the asparagus were a bit old and lack of crunchiness. But the sambal mixture was good nonetheless.

Venison Stir-fried with Ginger
and Scallions (RM 12)

I thought this dish was not bad as the venison meat were tender but hubby did not fancy it that much.

Salted Egg Yolk Mantis Prawn Meat
(RM 15)

Compared to what we got at Pearl Hill Cafe, this fared way better as the mantis prawn meat were clearly visible. The egg yolk tasted flavorful too.

Blanched Prawns
白灼虾 (RM 24 for 300 gms)

Having liked the famous version at Ocean Green all these while, I was a bit skeptical to order this at first. But they proved their mark on this dish as the prawns were super fresh and they have their own version of chilli sauce to go with the prawns too. Simply marvelous!

Steamed Prawns with Egg White
(RM 16 for 200 gms)

Having tried this dish out of recommendation from the staff, we have not looked back ever since. I must say this is the first time I tasted this version of prawns. The prawns were steamed along with ginger over a bed of egg white. Coriander leaves were also added to top off the dish. There is another secret ingredient used that is rice wine of some sorts that gives it even more fragrance to the whole dish. We love it!

In all, I feel that the seafood dishes fared very well in terms of freshness, flavor and price. The views are awesome too since it is literally dining by the beach :) One thing to caution though, is the amount of mosquitoes if you were to take seats by the beach (yeah, ironic isn't it?). But there are plenty of tables on the inner side of the restaurant that are less mozzy-inhabited.

Please make reservations if you intend to go in groups as it gets full pretty fast and pretty early as we see tables marked reserved all the time. It is located diagonally opposite Maybank Tanjung Bungah branch (towards the Batu Ferringhi direction)

Tsunami Village Cafe
543-A Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
Phone : 012-487 2718 / 019-447 2718
Closed on Mondays

July 4, 2011

Nadeje Mille Crêpe from Malacca

Chanced upon Herrick's post on Nadeje and can't get the heavenly descriptions of their Mille Crêpe off my head!

My hubby was at Malacca and I was so touched that he brought back 2 slices of these delicate babies, all the way, just for me to indulge~~ *sweetness overloading*

Compared to
Humble Beginnings, I definitely agree with Herrick's statement of "若我不曾吃过Nadeje,我会一口咬定它是好吃的。然而,相较之下,个人觉得它明显逊色了。" The translation of that would be : If I never tried Nadeje before, I would unarguably claim that it is tasty. However, in comparison of the 2 (Humble Beginnings and Nadeje), I personally think it (Humble Beginnings) definitely paled compared to Nadeje.

Nadeje's creations were elegant, just like works of art - each of the pieces were intricately wrapped in the foils to ensure they don't stick to each other when placed inside the boxes; customers can easily take the cakes out for enjoyment - how thoughtful! Next came the handicraft of the Mille Crêpe itself - the layers were very clear and detailed, each layer was flavorful, they did not fall apart easily and was just sheer pleasure to indulge! (YES - all that after more than 6 hours of road journey!)

Hubby's favorite Rum & Raisin Flavor

Another of his favorite Green Tea Flavor

I would really want to visit their HQ - Nadeje Patisserie at Plaza Mahkota.... anybody wanna offer me a return trip there?

Marché Movenpick @ The Curve

It's been a while since I came back here and had a late lunch with hubby back in April.

It was pretty deserted by the time we came so the 'stalls' did not have any queues basically *whee* they were basically there to serve us :)

Very quickly, we ordered these and they filled us up pretty quickly! (that's the whole point of it since we were pretty food-deprived by 3pm!)

Sauteed Mushrooms

Both of us loved this! Hubby made a good choice even he didn't know what this was lol! The mushrooms were tasty and wasn't overly cooked.

Mixed Grill - Chicken, Lamb, Beef

This was not as superb as we hoped for it to be. The beef was especially rare and we had to request it to be re-grilled (if there ever was such a word). All the meat were plainly grilled and was not very tasty, maybe not well-marinated I suppose? The mashed potato side was delicious though

Bread and Butter Pudding

This favorite dessert of ours turn out to fare pretty well - last time, they used to let us drizzle our own custard sauce on it but nowadays they do it for us instead. I was afraid the staff might be stingy on this but it turned out that she was very generous (or maybe my eyes betrayed my craving) and literally flooded the pudding with the custard sauce! :D

Yeah you can't really make out what's beneath the sauce can you? Maybe this picture can help you?

..... Or, maybe not :P

Hubby had his O.J. (background) while I ordered my fave Banana and Strawberry Smoothie - Super nice smoothie indeed! Damn thick, just the way I like it~

In all, great concept but some of the food items may need some improving.