July 11, 2010

Aroi Thai Restaurant @ Burmah Road

Had dinner with honey by trying out this new place yesterday and was greeted by an old Indian drunk right at the entrance of the restaurant :-S

Our drinks..

Fresh Sugar Cane (RM 3.50) (right)

Honey said this was just normal

Winter Melon
(RM 3.50) (left)

My winter melon tasted like something right off the packet drinks

We ordered...

Pandan Chicken
(RM 3 each x 2 = RM 6)

The waitress mentioned that their Small one contained 4 pieces and that people normally have one piece each only - so she made a note to do 2 for us only

But when they came honey said that this is just a normal sized pandan chicken and anyone could have finished more than 1 (-_-)"

The Pandan Chickens tasted very nice - very flavorful. The only downsides being oily and also the chicken portions used were rather fatty. Honey's piece consisted of 50% fat

Sweet Chilli Sauce and Sambal that we requested

Tomyam Soup - Seafood (S) (RM 18.90)

The tomyam soup here is pretty clear and not as thick as other Thai restaurants. It's pretty spicy though we felt that the tomyam aroma is lacking. Came across as a diluted version

Fried Kailan with Salted Fish (S) (RM 7.90)

This was the worst stir fried Kailan I ever had - the taste was on the sweet side (?), the Kailans were old, the salted fish came in huge chunks rather than fine pieces and it was just full of broadly chopped garlic

Deep Fried Pork Leg
(S) (RM 25)

I think this is perhaps one of the best pork legs we tasted thus far. The skins were very crispy and yet the meat tender and juicy. Most importantly, it did not come with overpowering pork smell. The portion was just right for the 2 of us and we enjoyed this the most

In all, our bill came up to RM 75.70 which was pretty pricey judging by the food quality and minor factor of inconvenience in location and parking.

And when I checked the bill, they actually charged us 5 Small rice (RM 0.60 each) and 1 Big rice (RM 1 each) when we only had 1 small and 1 big. How did that come about I do not know. After pointing out to them they apologized and returned us the difference (without returning us the 10% service charge) but I did not demand for the 20 cents variance of course.

Yet another place I wouldn't really consider coming back very soon :)

Aroi Thai Restaurant
387, Burmah Road
10350 Penang
04-227 6771

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  1. their food below average and very pricy, penang has alot more thai food that is cheaper.