July 4, 2010

Miraku Japanese Restaurant @ G Hotel

Braved through Day 1 of MATTA fair on Friday; and not only that, endured rain, jam, raging hungry stomach and had to wait for a car park at Gurney basement O_o but was rewarded by Torture King with dinner @ Miraku ^.^ *thxx*

It was my first visit there, though I heard about it through blogs. The place was pretty filled up for a Friday night and given the price range (surprisingly). Bumped into May and her hubby there at the Sushi Bar - and they're regulars too!

The appetizers...

Peter's Gyu Touban Yaki Set (RM 42)

The beef set was humongous! Just count the number of bits and pieces making up the set... Not forgetting the Sashimi as well

Cooking away... together with Japanese beans (?)

My Sake Teriyaki Zen Set (RM 38)

Mine was no small feat either :-S The salmon was relatively large in portion (I'd hope for a smaller sized Salmon during this time)

He must be real hungry to have chowed down an emergency tau sar peah while on the way to dinner AND his own set (with Sashimi) AND yet he ordered another Sake Sashimi (RM 26) just for the sake of enjoying the view of how I'm tortured to finish all the amount of food (-_-)"

And just when I thought the torture was over, we were served green tea ice cream! (part of the set) - though I was full to the max by then, I still finished it (hard core ice cream lover what) but the ice cream was real smooth and rich in green tea aroma.

In all - the food was not bad; it's just pretty steep in terms of price I guess - oh well, maybe its location within G Hotel explains that?

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