August 13, 2009

Chinese dessert/snack @ TianJin, China

Not sure why i'm feeling a bit nostalgic lately.. maybe because I just copied all my photos from my personal laptop to my work laptop and while going through all the pics, I found that I have tonnes of food pics I never got to blog about!

It was during our second last day on our Beijing trip at Tian Jin - we were out shopping and stumbled upon this peddlar on bicycle selling a type of snack. Now we were actually forewarned by our tour guide that people at Tian Jin are generally not as 'friendly' and 'open' compared to people back in Beijing as they tend to be more 'open & direct' with their emotions e.g. if you are not genuinely interested in buying items at the stalls - DO NOT ask for the price.

Anyway, back to the peddlar, we noticed that there were quite a few locals buying from this peddlar and finally we summoned enough courage to ask what is it he's selling - is it something sweet or savory and what is it made of?

So he said it's made of glutinous rice and dates and it's a sweet dessert - well, because it's served with a layer of sugar spread on top of it.

The peddlar said there are 2 varieties - one layered with red dates and another which I've actually forgotten :( so we opted for the red dates

We actually asked for the smallest portion and only paid like RM 3 for it after conversion. And it tasted absolutely beautiful! Freshly made and finely sliced with the right amount of sugar coating - authentic street/peddlar food this is - check out the aparatus he used to 'judge' the weight and subsequently the price - so old school ok?

After we had the first helping and walking around a while, we decided to buy a slightly bigger serving for the others to try and if they didn't wanted them, we'd chow them down ourselves :) In the end, some took our offer while others did not - and so we were happy to finish them off!


  1. Rgd the asking for price, I believe it's not only confined to Tianjin, I also have encountered the same at other areas of China.

  2. Ya. China hawker some were very rude!

    I got turn off a lot by some of those ppl ask them what is that also salah attitude. Coz I am a big big walking banana.

  3. China!

    ...erm, I don't mean to do racial profiling, but isn't Mainland Chinese people rude to a certain extent? :x

  4. I also quite like this sort of dessert. ^^

  5. cariso : I guess so, but so far I've only been to Beijing, TianJin and ChengDe

    email2me : Oh, I guess at China because of their language limitation they tend not to layan you much if you can't speak their language

    Huai Bin : well I can't fully agree with that, though I felt that the folks from rural parts of China particularly are more rude than of the city's

    Viya : Yea I love it too! :)

  6. oo...i like everything sweet and gooey! hehe

  7. Why you copy pic from personal to work laptop geh?

  8. HaPpY Mid-Autumn Festival Zhongqiu Jie 中秋節