July 5, 2010

Beef Soup Kuey Teow Opposite Bomba

I like to have my Beef Soup Kuey Teow (flat noodles) - the dry version - simply because I get to have the kuey teow separate from the soup base itself :)

The wait time here has always been record-breakingly long so don't expect any miracles to happen anytime soon...

... which was the reason why we ordered Or Chien (Fried Oyster) as a filler - and this is one special fried oyster as the sides were crunchy yet the egg/oyster were nice and chewey still

My usuals - dried Kuey Teow....

....and separate bowl of soup with all the goodies inside


  1. ppl told me about this beef koay teow place loooooong time ago and until now i still havent been there :'(

  2. HA?! You still haven't try before? apa nih, come I bring you there when you're back kays?

  3. ok..that's yr assignment..put in yr to-do list coz i will have way too many to-do thing in my list that time..hehe