December 5, 2011

Invited Review : Young Heart Value Deal on

It was a pleasure to be invited to sample the very healthy and hearty meal at Young Heart recently on their RoundU Deal.

This is a value deal at 37% Off featuring 6-course chinese dinner for 4 persons for just RM48!

Check out the spread and portions of the entire meal:-

The 6 courses include:-

1. Water Cress & Pork Dumpling (6 pcs)

Being famous for its hand-made dumplings, Young Heart boasts a wide variety of signature dumplings freshly made with healthy ingredients. The water cress provided hints of fluid as an added texture to the pork as the fillings. There were also Chinese wolfberries within which not only gives colour, but it also contains high antioxidant content. All of Young Heart's handmade dumplings are served with 3 condiments, namely fried spring onions, ginger with vinegar and chillie oil that is home made. I love to have my dumplings alternately with all 3 condiments.

2. Braised Brinjal

I normally don't eat brinjal but I loved this version. It was very light and the accompanying ingredients complemented the brinjals perfectly. According to the very knowledgeable owner, brinjals have nutrients which help to block the formation of free radicals and is also a source of folic acid and potassium.

3. Gula Melaka Chicken

This was a unique dish indeed as gula melaka is normally used as an ingredient to prepare sweet desserts, but it was wisely used to prepare this chicken dish. Not surprisingly, the owner shared with us that this dish is pretty popular among children alike and I find it appealing as well. The gravy goes well with rice too.

4. Braised Pig Trotter with Peanuts

The pig trotters were braised until tender yet not losing its flavor and I just loved the gravy. I could have all the gravy to myself if I could! :) Vegetables were added to give some 'green' touch to this all-meat dish and the peanuts brought out the pig trotters well. Not to be missed by pig trotters alike for sure.

5. Black Bean Jelly

These gems were made of black beans and topped with generous amounts of black sesame powder. It tastes light with hints of black beans and I just loved the black sesame powder. A nice dessert touch to this Chinese meal indeed.

6. Showu & Lotus Seed (4 bowls)

This traditional Chinese dessert more known to us as 'thong sui' was chock-filled with goodies like Showu and Lotus seed. Definitely a nutritious thong sui indeed. On top of that, one dried Chinese black plum was added onto each bowl which we found out was pleasant when consumed. After peeling off the skin with our mouth, we were surprisingly welcomed with the sweet plum meat. The overall sweetness of this dessert was definitely mild and the black plum gave it a natural flavor indeed.

White Rice
(4 bowls)

We were all filled to the max by the time we completed our meal and I must say this deal is not to be missed! What a good homey and nutritious yet tasty meal for you and your loved ones.

The deal is still valid so grab it fast here!