July 5, 2010

Kopi Cine @ Stewart Lane

Decided to pay a visit to the fairly new Kopi Cine with coffee-lover DC during a laid-back Sunday afternoon...

It's located at the corner of Chulia Lane and is actually part of Straits Collection just next door.

The menu.... they've got Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner menu with a good line up of Coffee and Liquor as well

Table deco... I love the red lantern frame.... what a nice contrast with the black and whites on the table

... and there were crayons for patrons to scribble whatever-nots on the blank sheet of paper too!

The interior....

The cake bar

Our drinks... DC's Ice Latte on the left and my fresh OJ on the right

Out of curiosity, we ordered Gula Melaka ice cream...

Which was verrryyyy Gula-Melaka aroma indeed! But the sweetness got to us quick enough so it's recommended to finish the ice cream quickly

but behold of the price though... it's extremely expensive.... Expect the range of more than RM 10 for their drinks and somewhere between for the ice cream too

Our scribbles :)

Straits Collection next door....

In all, I wouldn't come here again coz it's just too hot during the day time
- there's no air conditioning available in this small space. The price here is just way too outrageous given the small space (again) and lack of air-conditioning. I would think that one will need to make reservation ahead to enjoy dinner here with a couple of friends coz there are limited tables around.

But a small part of me do want to come back to sample some of its main course though... maybe, maybe one day.... I'll be back

Oh, and, we might be glad to learn that they do not throw away all the papers that customers scribble on - they collect all of 'em at the back of the shop (hopefully for recycling purpose)

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