July 7, 2010

Chilli's @ G Hotel Penang

Had a late lunch with Kel on a Saturday afternoon... we sat down at Chicago Rib House before that to order their Pork Ribs just to find out that they did not have it that day :-| what a bummer, no ribs at a rib house. And so off we went opposite to Chilli's instead :) We had....

Chocolate Banana (RM 9.95)

This was overly sweet and no hints nor traces of banana can be found. Disappointed.

Kel's Honey Chicken Crisp (RM 24.95)

This was fairly ok - Kel liked it as the honey glaze was nicely done. For me, it was pretty hard.

My BBQ Ranch Burger (RM 20.95)

Establishments like Chilli's and TGIF should not go wrong on their burgers - any time. So I was not disappointed with the portion and quality of the beef patty - the core of burgers. Nicely done - not overcooked. But I did not manage to finish the whole thing, even when I was so hungry!

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