July 12, 2010

Jelly Layer Cake from 1U

PChoon was sweet enough to buy us some superbly cute jelly layer cakes (not sure if this is how to call it) from 1U...

Check them out!

Oozing with cutenesssss ok!!

L-R, Top-Bottom

Baby Elephant, Moo Moo, Giraffe, Sheepu, Chicky, Horsie

My favourite - Chicky!

And we had them during half-time while watching the World Cup finals earlier this morning - which was such a huge disappointment - BORING to the max, summore so freakin' long - 128 mins @.@ and no chance to watch the exciting penalty shoot-out!

So sad when eating these cuties.... but they tasted great - nice and refreshing ^.^ - thanks dear!!


  1. how did you have the heart to even eat them? soooooooadorable. does it have certain aroma? like green for pandan, and blue? smurf smell ;)

  2. Duckie : ya memang cute huh?!

    SMM : I couldn't bring myself to eat it at first too but didn't want it to turn bad and subsequently wasted if I don't :P
    They did have differing 'flavors' but I really couldn't tell haha!