January 26, 2011

Royce Nama Chocolate

Generous Lesley treat hubby and myself some really delicious and super refined chocolate when we were in Singapore and we immediately fell in love with it!

This luxury chocolate comes all the way from Japan and you have to try it to know why it's such a mesmerizing experience :)

Now I know what made these so special!

We purposely got a box of Royce for ourselves @ ION Orchard - Nama Chocolate Champagne - Pierre Mignon (SGD 15)

Check out the elaborate packaging.......

.... comes with its very own cooling bag....

and a bag of dry ice pack too! All to keep this delicacy nice and cold for our enjoyment

(above picture taken from http://sparklette.net/food/royce/)

Finally, the gems...

20 Chocolate bricks coated in cocoa powder

(pardon the spotting on the chocolate blocks as we were in Genting Highlands when we finally unveiled this)

The chocolates simply melt in your mouth coz they're so velvety smooth... What a heavenly treat! Feel so pampered whenever we eat this.... *dreamy*

Am craving for it right now! :(

January 25, 2011

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt @ Dallas Airport

Red Mango is a frozen yogurt and smoothie brand known for its all-natural frozen yogurt, fresh fruit smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and probiotic iced teas

We couldn't resist them while in transit at Dallas Airport :P

L - R : Kellin's Mixed Berry Parfait and my plain non fat frozen yogurt :)

Although I was still down with cough at that point of time, I still enjoyed every bit of the yogurt and some of Kel's Parfait hehehehe

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine @ Pekaka Square

The team had the honor to dine like Kings and Queens @ Wang Chao..... where we had.....

Hai Wong
(Cantonese for Crab King)

This is a dish consisting of vegetables and Tofu drenched in crab meat and crab roe... superb!

Four Heavenly Kings (Vegetable)

Made up of 4 types of vegetables stir-fried with sambal, this brings an appetizing tone to our luxury dinner

Whole Fish ala Assam Laksa

Not sure what this dish is exactly called, but the soup is definitely sour and spicy - just like Assam Laksa's soup. I personally did not fancy this as the soup was a bit too thick to my liking

Yun Thai (Pork) served with Man Thou

This is a sinfully tasty dish as the pork contained fatty portions but the taste is really good and perfectly matched with the warm and soft man thous!

Last but not least, this was the dish that we have all been waiting for - the Star of the night - Poon Choy!

We had the privilege of tasting this precious Poon Choy made up of all seafood and vegetables... check out all the goodies inside!

Prawns, Scallops, Broccoli, Vegetables, Sea Cucumber, Shark's Fin, Black Moss, Mushroom, etc etc...

The Poon Choy claypot seemed to be bottomless as our very own 'bottomless' Eng Soon was also unable to finish everything!

This was my first visit to Wang Chao but the food is pretty good and worth a second visit

For the album!

Sri Malaya @ Rope Walk, Georgetown

Celebrated belated birthday for dear God Sis recently and brought her to this fairly new heritage restaurant - she was delighted when she saw the word "heritage" :)

Sri Malaya's surroundings...

There's an outdoor dining area which is airy:-

We had Orange Juice (RM 6) and Mango Smoothie (RM 8)

Too bad I forgot to take pictures of the drinks, but both of us loved the smoothie! It's not overly chilling yet refreshing, it tasted fresh with the right amount of fresh mango blended in and we couldn't get enough of it!

The 2 mains that we shared.....

Sarawak Laksa (RM 12)

The laksa was lemak laksa type and the taste of spices were not too overwhelming yet well infused. As they ran out of Mee, the whole bowl consisted of Bihun; nevertheless it tasted nice and we liked their version.

Carbonara Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon (RM 22)

As we caught up on our chats over dinner, this quickly turned cold and thickened hence did not taste well but it would have done well had we tucked in quick enough.

One of the attendant was really kind and warm to give us a tour of what's upstairs - a private dining area which can cater for about 10-12 pax and they can even customize a fine dining style menu for RM 120 per pax. The rest of the rooms were supposed to be Guest rooms but this concept is still in the making.

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant
No. 1 Rope Walk
10100 George Town
Pulau Pinang

Tel : 04 2613763

January 24, 2011

Ming Ren Restaurant @ Genting Highlands

Hubby and I were introduced to this Xin Jiang cuisine restaurant a couple of years back - thanks to Cody's generosity :)

Since then, we have been coming back for more and we wouldn't miss one particular signature dish....

This is the first time sharing our food journey at this place so it's based on 2 of our visits - one back in July last year and one right smack on the 1st of January this year :)

Restaurant exterior, deco and interior..

- July 2010 -

We had Traditional Pu Er tea (RM 20)

Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock (RM 18)

This has always been my favourite vegetable dish as it is a combination of vegetable and soup

Xin Jiang
Lamb Ribs
- Ming Ren's Signature Dish (RM 59)

Some sour radish is served on the side which balances out the well-infused taste of the lamb ribs

Sweet & Sour Chicken (RM 28)

This was just mediocre and the portion was too big for the 2 of us

- Jan 1st 2011

Drinks.... Neat Fresh O.J. (RM 9)

Super neat and ice-less!

Yam Papaya Soup
(RM 12)

Waitress asked : do you want 1 or 2? Hubby said 2 then :)

This is definitely a nourishing soup - best for the King and Queen of Gamblers haha!

Hong Kong Qing Miao
(RM 18)

We requested this vegetable dish to be cooked with Oyster sauce - nice and simple

Chef Special Sauce Loong Tan Fish
(RM 40)

This was braised and came with lots of Qing Miao underneath - the waitress could have informed us when we placed our order so that we can skip the vegetable or order other dishes :(

Last but not least, the signature dish we never miss - Xin Jiang Lamb Ribs (RM 59)

The lamb ribs are well marinated and are well complimented with the sauce provided.

We always enjoy our meals at Ming Ren - the place is cosy, attentive service and we love the food - especially the lamb ribs - YUMMM~

Best of all - WorldCard members enjoy 10% discount - better than nothing :)

January 23, 2011

7 Bistro @ Gurney Walk, Gurney Plaza

Thanks to May, Suchi and myself got to sample some of the nice dishes at 7 Bistro (May is definitely the Queen of Gurney Plaza haha!)

Seven Bistro adorns a contemporary deco with clean lines and I do agree that it looks more like a place to hang out and have some drinks more than a place to have good food....... but I was wrong.


Lychee Melon Kiwi
(RM 10.70)

Summer Berry (RM 10.70)

Golden Wonder (RM 9.70)

We all liked the blended, healthy fruit drinks coz they were rich and blended with fresh fruits

We ordered ourselves some mains and a Tapas to share...

Lemongrass Minced Chicken Cakes
(RM 7)

I liked this one a lot as the chicken cakes were seasoned with herbs and spices but tasted light at the same time - very appetizing. For those who do not like the smell of lemongrass then this might be something to stay away from :)

7's tapas are all priced RM 7 all day long :) and there are other tapas which I look forward to try out too e.g. Traditional Spanish Meatballs, Flamenco Eggs etc.


7's mains are all priced at RM 11 before 7pm so we got ourselves some pretty good deal here since we were there for lunch!

May's Chicken and Avocado Spaghetti (RM 11)

This was not bad but it tasted ordinary, perhaps May may have some other feedback? :)

Suchi's Clams Pasta (RM 11)

The clams did not smell and the whole combination with the pasta was not overpowering and I actually liked it

My Grilled Lamb (RM 11)

When this landed on the table my first impression was : WOW! The portion is Huge~! The piece of lamb was big and it was laid on top of a bed of salad and generous portions of fries too! And that's not all, it was served with 2 types of sauce - mint sauce and another sauce none of us could identify - it's slightly hot and went equally well with the lamb. The grilled lamb tasted awesome and it was not a piece that consisted with a lot of fat and bones - I simply LOVED it!

I'll definitely be bringing hubby here for lunch since the mains only cost RM 11 before 7pm :D

Weissbräu German Bistro & Bar @ Straits Quay

Can't believe I visited this German bar and restaurant twice in a short 2 weeks...

First visit was by request for some drinking but we ended up having dinner there as well.

I already had Franziskaner and Leffe Blonde before dinner btw....

Jason's Oven-Baked Spring Chicken [RM 32++]
Sides : Garlic Mash and Sauerkraut

Feedback : It was just so-so and we agreed that the best spring chicken is at Ocean Green :)

Distraught fella's Smoked Salmon Flammkuchen (Pizza) - Italian Touch [RM 36++]

Weissbrau's pizzas come in 2 choices : either Original or Italian. He opted for Italian which consisted of sour cream, home made tomato paste & Mozzarella cheese

The pizza had a thin yet crispy crust but is surprisingly good and blended well with the smoked salmon.

My Bacon Wrapped Cervelat [RM 32++]
Sides : Buttered market vegetables and Spaetzi - which is homemade German egg noodles tossed in butter

This is basically a bacon-wrapped sausage where the sausage is made up of beef and pork. The bacon is good but this is definitely a main course some ladies would avoid as it is quite filling. The Spaetzi was unique but a bit tasteless to me.

Yesterday night I went with hubby since it was his first visit to Straits Quay and I told him about the pork knuckle.

Hoegaarden & Franziskaner

Hubby's Crispy German Pork Knuckle [RM 48++]
Sides : Garlic Mash and Buttered Market Vegetable

The mash was smooth but I found some of the buttered vegetable to be uncooked and too hard. The pork knuckle was definitely too small in portion given the price charged and hubby was complaining a lot just on this alone coz we tried pork knuckles elsewhere and all of them came in the Right size. When we were done, we could almost immediately sense that the knuckles were halved before served; meaning one knuckle makes 2 pork knuckle servings around here. Nevertheless, the knuckle was crispy and the meat was tender. But still, we rather have the ones at Bavarian Bierhaus or Vintage Bulgaria.

Seafood Flammkuchen (Pizza) - Original [RM 32++]

Original version was a simple one with Sour Cream and Onion and so it tasted just like sour cream and onion! It had prawns; fish; crab stick and baby mussels (coz they're all so small).

I didn't like it a lot coz the Italian version tasted much better but hubby said it's not too bad.

In all, I find the food to be alright but a bit pricey.... With beer the bill came up to almost RM 140 for the 2 of us; and even without the beers it would still total up to almost RM 95 which is pretty steep. I'd think twice before making a return

Which reminds me that I still owe the distraught fella another 30 bucks! :-S