July 7, 2010

Coconut Palms Delicious Seafood @ Burmah Road

Had a family dinner - all 4 of us and it was our first visit at this fairly new restaurant.. formerly Audees.

Ordered some of family's favorites and tried some of the captain's recommendations too...

Shark's Fin
(RM 35)

This was good with chock load of goodies. The flavor was nice and not too overpowering

Salad Cream Cheese Prawn (RM 20)

This is a very unique variation from the usual cheese prawn or butter prawn - it is nicely deep-fried and drenched in cheese and mayonnaise - just wonderful! The number of prawns were just right for us too, otherwise the cheesy taste would have been too much for us

Coconut Curry Pork
(RM 20)

This was more like a Special of the day as they don't have this on the menu on a daily basis and we ordered it since the captain recommended it, and all thumbs up were given from our family of picky-eaters! The curry was fragrant and filled with all sorts of spices, and the pieces of pork were not too fat and not too lean - just right! High recommended, but you might need to check if they have it the day itself

Vegetable - Qing Miao
(RM 8)

This looked exactly like bok choi but tasted like a greener version of it - nicely done just stir-fried with garlic

In all, all of us liked almost everything we sampled here so far; and the price was fairly reasonable too. One thing to mention was that the staff were friendly and helpful; as my grandma actually left behind her bag and the moment we drove our car out, my phone rang and they informed us about the bag so that we can go back to collect it, just solely based on the record they kept from my reservation made. Will definitively make come-backs here :D

Add : 188, Burmah Road
10350 Georgetown Penang
Tel : 04-227 6686

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  1. their crab is pretty big and price reasonable as well.