January 14, 2009

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Tambun

Bukit Tambun @ Simpang Ampat is pretty famous for its less expensive seafood affairs, evident with many seafood restaurants within the vicinity.

The one my bf and I (as well as most of our friends) frequent is Gee Seng - located right at the very end of the entire seafood restaurant stretch. This place is always packed with people so smart people like us usually go there early, like 630pm (to avoid disspappointment, or so they say) to secure car park as well as table.

We decided to go there after our very short trip to Sunway Carnival 2 weeks ago, and it was drizzling when we reached there, and very much surprised at the emptiness of the place - only a handful of cars were visibly parked, not many tables occupied within the restaurant - and it was 730pm already :O

... and so we were parked at the very first lot on the side of the restaurant (one that did not require any shifting in the middle of your seafood meal to make way for cars parked in front of you when they leave)

This place is renowned for the speed of their serving of dishes once your orders are taken - by the time your first dish arrives, you'll be seeing a steady stream of your other dishes magically appearing on your table in the speed of eye blinks! :P ... well.. EXCEPT for your crab dishes that is, especially when it's baked

Clockwise from top left..

View from our table looking out to the entrance
Gee Seng's name in chinese
The set ups.. plates and cutleries
Condiments - cili padis, Thai chilli sauce and sambal

Rundown of our orders in sequence they were served (and yes, it's for the 2 of us only)

'Thik Teng Leh' (a type of sea snail) (RM 5)

... where you poke out the flesh using the toothpicks provided - I like mine dipped in sambal... Yummmmmm~~!

We wanted to order mantis prawns but the price quoted was too darn expensive so we ordered 'Than' (a type of clam) instead (RM 12)

Nestum Prawns (RM 15)

Prawns weren't awfully fresh this round... but I was still chewing on the nestum after we finished the prawns :P

Deep Fried Calamari (RM 6)

No reasons not to love this dish... it goes well with the Thai chilli sauce

Baked Mud Crab (King size) (RM 20) -
It rightfully earns the #1 spot as our favourite dish at Gee Seng

This is one helluva crab I'd say - HUGE, and it was definitely sufficient for both of our stomachs..

Check out the extremely fresh and ample meat just within the claws itself! (and I wasn't even finished digging yet)

Closeup of the fresh, succulent and springy crab meat

After our supmtuous seafood meal, KW recalled we had their Fried Ice Cream before, and so we ordered 2 of them as dessert (RM 2.50 each)

Oh, and we ordered 10 sticks of 'not-to-be-missed' satay from a small stall right outside the restaurant, but due to the long wait time, we dug in and I totally forgot to take a pic of it :P

I must say, it was extremely distracting, 'tergopoh-gapah' and challenging to be taking pics of all these good food (not to mention the refrain of tucking in as soon as it lands on the table) as well as having to enjoy eating them all at the same time, most of them with hands too!

Our meal cost us RM 64.80 (excluding satay) - hence the reason why I felt such money is comparatively more well-spent here compared to @ Williams :P (HB, time for you to head north)

I've read some of the reviews for the same restaurant but IMHO some of them were disappointed coz they've unfortunately ordered the wrong stuff; to be fair to Gee Seng, only some of their so-called 'signature' dishes are good - example their sweet and sour crab with fried man tou, baked crab, mantis prawns, calamari, butter or nestum prawns, steamed fish... to name a few. I tried their Or Chien (fried oyster) before too and it tasted awful - worst I had thus far.

More reviews here...


  1. Looks good (except for the mutant sea snails).

    I'm not familiar with the Tambun area though. :-(

  2. Yeah, and with baked mud somemore. I need to head down to Penang. You be my tour guide?

  3. munchoong : Next time if I go will ajak u sekali
    HB : If I'm free, why not? :)

  4. woh, the portion have become so small, more then 10 years ago I have a gf there, the food come in big portion.... everything have change!

  5. I miss that helicopter~~~

    I also miss those chilli sauce..

  6. kennhyn : well, it's the same everywhere I guess, either prices hike up and portions smaller, or prices hike up with same portion, or prices remain with smaller portion :P

    Satan Inside : u mean the Thit Teng Leh is it? Yea that's my must-have :)

    The Thai chilli sauce chinatown don't have? Kesian ler u...

  7. Got Thai Chili sauce, but si peh huge bottle, buy so much duno use to 'un' what also..normally that one for seafood or pohpia only ma..


  8. Hey... is it the same place we went last time... :) long - long time ago... hahaha... I oso still able to remember the fried Ice Cream... so sedap...

  9. Yups, that's the one we went beramai-ramai long long time ago :P

  10. Bukit Tambun @ Simpang Ampat ... issit allocated at Butterworth ?