July 4, 2010

Summer Garden @ Lorong Lembah Permai

Had dinner with beloved Mun last night @ Summer Garden...

It was my 3rd visit there and I gotta say - I kept having mixed feelings about this place as their food has always fared between 'some nice, some not nice at all' on my scale. Nonetheless, I gave them another chance yet again.

Funny Mun ordered what she thought was cheese cake before having any starters or main :P
It's actually a Trobelone White Choc (RM 9.90) ... and erm, i assume they actually meant Toblerone?

Too sweet to our liking though it's not bad in texture

My Hot Chocolate (RM 8.80)

I actually liked this a lot - the froth is nicely done and it's rich and the aroma is distinct compared to other Hot Chocolates

We had an Ox Tail Soup (RM 16) for sharing as well

It's a thin soup version with the Oxtail still very much intact with the bone - lots of carrot, onion and celery - not bad, but a tad too expensive. But the garlic bread that came with the soup was really flavorful and crunchy - nice!

Mun's Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 22)

Her face actually twisted when she had the first taste - and we actually asked the waitress is this cooked with some sort of wine and the answer was affirmative :-|

This Carbonara proved to be a dissappointment - the wine taste was too overwhelming - the seafood was not as fresh, and it wasn't up to Carbonara's creamy standard.

My BBQ Chicken (RM 22) wasn't any better - the sauce was just too sweet - it was more like a Teriyaki chicken gone wrong.

The jacket potato didn't impress too - the potato was not soft enough, though the dressing was quite okay. The only consolation - which didn't work to our advantage - was that the portion was relatively big - 2 good pieces of chicken, jacket potato and good salad serving comprising of steamed vegetables.

The total bill came up to RM 82.65 - which is too expensive given the food quality (Mun did not order any drinks too). It's gonna be a long time before I'd consider making a return.

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