June 23, 2009

Snack : Copan Garlic Toast

Accidentally 'discovered' this packeted garlic toast during a Cold Storage Japanese fair recently - and am so in love with it!

During the fair it was selling at a discounted rate of RM 2.99 as opposed to the normal retail price of RM 4.99 - so I actually grabbed 3! (and regretted not grabbing 5 instead)

Ended up, my family, my boyfriend, his family, my colleagues and of course, myself - we're all so hooked on to it coz it's freakin' nice!!

What's so nice about this seemingly artificial garlic toast you ask?

Based on the feedback I gathered:-
1. it actually tastes better than a real garlic bread
2. packeted junk food normally doesn't taste 'fresh' - but this is every bit crunchy as if just out from oven or something
3. it's bite-sized and very 'friendly' to consume :P

What more can you ask for? This is like THE perfect snack!

Downside? A bit pricey I guess... coz the packet is not even half-filled with garlic toast :S


  1. take note! im a junk food monster! hehe

  2. Something new on the shelf is worth checking out :)

  3. OK, I gonna jot this down on my list!

  4. gill gill : then I highly recommend u to indulge in this :P
    ck lam : yups yups!
    cariso : haha.. let me know if it's good once you try it

  5. Yes! It's good! In fact I'm having some right now! :D