July 6, 2010

Water Drop TeaHouse @ Penang Street

My dearest old pal PChoon brought me to this very nice vegetarian restaurant and I just fell in love with it ever since.... and have made return visits since then :)

The interior is so clean, nice and serene that it reminds me so much of Young Heart, but more vegetarian, organic, Buddhism sense of touch to it. I'd presume that non-Buddhists are definitely welcomed too!

One thing special here is that this is a self-service ordering system where patrons will need to first mark their orders on the menu chit and head to the counter to place the orders and pay ahead. The staff will then serve the food to you afterwhich.

Some of the food we sampled to date.... All were equally tasty!


Claypot Rice (
RM 5)

This was marvellous with generous portions of vegetables, and most importantly the secret chillies that came with it was just a superb match - we asked for more eventhough they were so HOT!

Red Mee Sua (RM 5)

This was just mediocre - maybe due to the fact that I'm not that huge of a fan of the soup base :)

Vege. Mince Rice (RM 6)

I love this A LOT - coz it just didn't come across to me as tasting any different from a normal Taiwanese-styled Lu Rou Fan - with minced meat... the texture was so good and the ingredients used were flavored so well that it was a bliss enjoying this bowl of mince rice.

Thai Laksa (Special of the Day) (RM 5.50)

The Thai Laksa was a special indeed - the aroma of the soup base was already so appealing even way before it landed on our table. The soup base was rich and thick, with plenty of herbs and spices used - all up to the standards of how a good bowl of Thai Laksa should be


Fried Sesame Bao (RM 2)

This is a MUST ORDER here coz we saw each table having at least one plate of these - the folks here really are not stingy with their sesame alright - generous toppings on top of the bao and the top was so crunchy and filled with the aroma of sesame; but the bao itself was so soft; and the fillings which were strong in flavor just made this the best sesame bao ever!

Sweet Cassava (RM 2)

We did not fancy this a lot as it was pretty sweet and the texture came across too weird for us I guess

Lotus Seed Fungus Soup (RM 3)

This is served hot and it was enjoyable coz it has a chock load of goodies inside

Barley Sweet Soup (RM 3)


Fresh Apple Juice - with ice (RM 3.50)

I like how the apple juice here hardly oxidates even after we hung around for more than an hour here... it just tastes refreshing! (they added an ambra inside)

Time to check out the interior...

A nice corner like a mini garden adorning plants..

An air well right in the middle of the restaurant with hanging plants... what a nice creation!

Paintings on one side of the wall....

Buddhist sayings and teachings on the other....

There's a huge book shelf wall area housing Kuan Yim and Buddha statues, and where all the Buddhism teachings and books are laid out - most of them for sale;

but there are some complimentary ones too, like these:-

Water Drop TeaHouse is located at Penang Street - the street after Bishop Street where the T-junction is met.

Add : 16 Penang Street, Georgetown, 10200
Tel : 04-2636300
Opening hours :
Tue - Fri : 9am - 5pm
Sat & Sun : 9am - 3pm
Closed on Mondays


  1. Hi Alyn, this is a Vegetarian establishment hence no meat is served, definitely suitable for those looking for Halal food ya :)