March 2, 2011

Tin Pan Kor Kor (甜品哥哥) @ SS2 Square

Hubby brought me to this new
thong sui (sweet dessert) establishment that is similar to its existing rival nearby - KTZ.

Been there twice already so far and these are what we sampled:-

顺徳双皮奶 - Double Milk Pudding
(RM 5.50)

This is supposedly a very enriching dessert but I can't really tell if it's good stuff compared to those authentic ones in Hong Kong since it's my first time trying it out. It tasted alright to me though - smooth and rich

绿豆沙汤圆 - Green bean soup + sweet rice balls
(RM 5.50)

This was just normal

Black Sesame Soup

This was below expectations, simply because I had expected it to be thick and aromatic. Maybe the ones we had in Macau and Hong Kong have way surpassed those we get around here :P

Peanut Soup with Sweet Rice Balls

The peanut soup itself is not bad but I would've preferred if it was even warmer than it already was. One thing I liked were the sweet rice balls which had runny black sesame paste fillings just like the ones KTZ has.

Durian Cake

Last but not least, we ordered this since Durian was in season recently and to our surprise, this was ecstatically yummy! Of course being durian lovers help a lot on that. The durian flesh was ample and complemented perfectly with the rest of the fillings. The wrapping skin looked hard and chewy but it was in fact very soft! The only thing we liked the most was Durian Pancake haha!

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  1. wow! all very attractive especially durian special, 1st time see this :)