March 3, 2011

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights @ The Gardens

Honey brought me to this humble establishment serving no frills Korean food recently and I was surprised that it wasn't too bad at all.

We had 2 dishes only but I'm keen to try more of their other dishes as I saw many others ordering their Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) and Tteokbokki (spicy cylinder rice cakes).

They served Ban Chan (Side Dishes) and complimentary Soup too along with any dishes you order

While I was somehow co-erced into ordering Bi Bim Kuk Su - Korean sweet and spicy noodles (RM 12.50)

These were meant to be cold noodles but that's what I did not like (yeah I know that's my problem) but I did not fancy the taste of the noodles either as it was kind of too sweet. No complaints on the vegetables that came with the noodles though. This is something unique for me.

Honey had Sun du bu ji kye (Spicy Seafood Stew)

This was a much 'lighter' version of the stew compared to those at Korean Restaurants - as we can see from the colour of the stew; but nonetheless this did not compromise the taste. I ended up whalloping honey's soup much more than I finished my noodles :P

I had its warm Sik Hye which is a Korean barley drink and it tasted nice! Cooling after a Korean meal.

Will definitely be making come-backs!

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

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