March 3, 2011

Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve

Had a late Valentine's Dinner here a little after 9pm and the place was still pretty much packed, so much so that we had to make do with a spot at the bar "-_-

Just look at my face - mixture of hunger, tired, disappointment all jumbled up

Why? Coz this was our so-called 'table'!

But the supervisor was attentive enough to usher us to another decent table outside where a couple just left

There wasn't much need for thinking of what to eat for the night since they've got it all figured out with their Vday Dinner Set comprising of an Appetizer, a Soup, Main Course shared by 2 and a dessert.

And so my face turned to a nicer shade when the main course that we were anticipating settled down at our table...

The appetizer which was something small but I've forgotten what it was :-S so certainly not something which made an impression.

This was the soup we had - super diluted Campbell-like Mushroom Soup


You would've figured out by now that it's made up of none other than their famous Pork Knuckle, put together with other goodies making up a platter. This was definitely a much better version of Pork Knuckle (not to mention a much more decent sized one!) compared to the one at Weissbräu. The skin was crispy, the meat tender. 'nuff said. I liked the sausages but didn't fancy the ham that much though. The bacon definitely tops the list after the knuckle.

Hubby excited to do the opening ceremony for the knuckle!

We were filled to our necks by the time we were done with the huge MAIN, but managed to stuff a bit of dessert down just for a taste.

The dessert looked like a layer cake of sorts but its texture was sponge-cake like. It was too sweet hence I only finished the Vanilla ice cream.

The Vday dinner set cost us about RM 123++ if my memory did not fail me. But of course, we ordered drinks so that brought the total way higher than that.

I still love its version of Pork Knuckle though I'd say the one at Vintage Bulgaria is neck-to-neck with this one.

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