March 16, 2011

Pearl Hill Cafe @ Tanjung Bungah

I just gotta get this off my chest!

Had a worst ever Saturday night dinner at a normal 'choo char' which by right can never go wrong!

I wanted to have dinner at Home Style Restaurant (Permai 32) but all the tables had 'reserved' signs on them and it had started to rain - so I said let's go to the seafood place hubby had wanted to take me last time - Pearl Hill Cafe

BIG mistake.

Reached there and the so-called car park was none other than land with cleared bushes. There were rubbish lurking everywhere within the areas with short bushes where we parked.

After glancing through the menu, hubby ordered his favourite mantis prawn (meat) with Nestum and 2 other dishes that the lady recommended - spicy sour curry fish meat and Guinness Stout Chicken.

We wanted to order their Cheese Pork Rib at first but the lady said "we got cheese and pork meat but not pork ribs"

After quite a loong wait considering there was only 1 other table before us, the Nestum Mantis Prawn (RM 8) came.

It looked horrendous - more like minced meat with nestum more than mantis prawn. Where are the mantis prawns? All shredded beyond recognition. It took us so long to dish out the bits and pieces of the mantis prawn meat and mind you there were not a lot to start with!

Next came the Spicy Sour Curry Fish (RM 25).

This at least had a decent 'look'. So I tasted its curry - spicy, I like! But my happiness was short-lived. Soon after I found out that the supposedly bone-less fish meat had plenty of bones in them! I can understand that whoever doing the de-boning may have missed out one or two bones but all the tiny pieces of fish had at least 4-5 bones in them at least! And the lady kept promoting that they have fish meat pieces to go with the curry - which means they should be deboned (-_-)"

And that's not all - the ladyfingers were all older than my grandma - felt like chewing wood. The curry had a layer of oil surfacing not long later too.

Just when we thought we'd seen the worst of it, last came the Guinness Stout Chicken (RM 8).

Check out the huge chunks of chicken wings... hubby said it looked like the folks there just bought these chicken wings off the wet market and cook them that's all - they did not even bother to chop them down into smaller pieces. And the chicken did not taste fresh at all and we really felt that these were fried or cooked previously and may be leftovers then further 'processed' to be Guinness Stout Chicken - since not many people could tell from the black black sauce anyway - WRONG! We can!

Before we asked for the bill - I told hubby that the price better be in the low to reasonable range to be matching with such low quality food but the bill came to an outrageous RM45.60!

When we paid hubby complained to the guy that there were no mantis prawn at all, the guy said got, just scrambled up with the nestum - but we insisted that there were not many and couldn't find a proper piece! And I also complained on the fish bones but he just walked away with our money, then when he came back with our change he just said "I just counted half of the price for the mantis prawns dish" and gave us the price chit and our balance. So the mantis prawn costed RM 4 instead of RM 8.

But still - we left as upset customers coz 1. we did not get to complain all the dishes; 2. clearly he was not apologetic at all and was not happy giving us the discount.

Do you think we're going to go back?


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  1. Well, with such awful customer service, that would explain why there's nobody there. Tsk... don't these people know the basics of running a business?