March 20, 2011

Coffee Lane @ King Street

disclaimer : yet another backdated post - Jan 2010 :P

DC did some homework and saw an article on this new place and brought me here for afternoon tea.

Being a coffee lover as she is, this place is definitely one that offers a variety of coffee. Upon chatting with the friendly owner Terry who did some recommendations, we finally settled down with 2 coffee drinks and 2 snacks.

Besides coffee, Coffee Lane serves some mains too and according to Terry, some of the dishes are office ladies' favorites as well...

From where we were seated, we could see Terry busy using all sorts of coffee brewing apparatus to brew our coffee fresh on the spot - the experience way surpasses any experience at Starbucks or Coffee Bean :)

DC's Ice Coffee with Milk (RM 8.00)

DC commented this is really '
keng' (superb in Cantonese)!

My Ice Cream Coffee (RM 8.50)

Terry said this is best enjoyed without using a straw, but erm I asked for one anyway coz it's just too bitter for me :P and yes, that's after adding in sugar syrup. But being an ice cream lover, this is definitely a first for me and it was not bad at all.

Garlic Bread (RM 3.00)

Garlic bread was a bit plain for the both of us - maybe it could use a bit of toasting to give it the

Ti Ah Kuoi (RM 3.00) (甜仔粿)

When this arrived our table, I could almost instantly tell it will be a nice version of ti ah kuoi just looking at the accompanying gula melaka :D and the taste did not disappoint at all - the ti ah kuoi was at the right texture of chewiness and it's so unique when complemented with a thick gula melaka paste - it has become my favourite Ti Ah Kuoi now!

I went back to this place after shopping with my mom recently and the place had become much busier than my first visit - which is a good sign that people have acknowledged its presence. Terry was still busy behind the counter churning out the Coffee Lane brews. But I was so disappointed to learn that ti ah kuoi had sold out at that time :'(

I'd recommend this place to coffee lovers as they should be able to appreciate Coffee Lane better than me :)

Coffee Lane
10-B, King Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

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