March 17, 2011

That Little Wine Bar @ Chow Thye Road

disclaimer : this is a backdated post circa Apr 2010 :P

Had dinner on a rainy night with Peter and since he asked me to think where to eat, I told him I'll be bringing him to somewhere new that he never been before.

So we reached this place called That Little Wine Bar.

The ambiance, deco and lighting gave me a very nice feeling and I love how cosy the set up is.

After we were seated, a pretty good-looking amoh named James came and started to introduce himself and the array of wines available. Since we were not into wine, we asked him what's nice to have around here and was given a pretty elaborate run down of the soups, tapas and mains available, which were also scribbled on a very cute blackboard on the wall near our table!

Our conservative drink choices of Orange Juice and Coke:-

Table setting:-

In the end, we ordered a soup, a tapas and 2 mains.

Wild Mushroom Soup
(RM 25)

As stated on the blackboard, this is made up of 5 different types of mushroom, added with chili, lemon zest, Parmesan and thyme, served at the table where the 250ml of soup is poured into an artistic serving bowl.

Taste? With a clear broth soup as such that tasted zesty with a sourish note, I didn't really know how to appreciate the taste :-|

Next up was Chicken Pate (RM 18) which I ordered off the Tapas list, not really registering on my mind what Pate meant

When it landed on our table we even asked James was this what we ordered and his reply was affirmative, and we proceeded to ask what it was made of. And so our 'nightmare' began when James casually responded that it is made of chicken liver and other ingredients minced into a spreadable paste! :-O

I could instantly feel how terrible it tasted when Peter tried it out with the baguette - coz his expression looked horrible (yeah I got a picture of that) but I can't post it here else I'll definitely get chopped!

The chicken pate tasted like.....
liver! (read what it's made of again few lines on top) I can't say I'm doing injustice to the pate by saying it tasted horrible because I never tasted any form of pate before so I didn't see the taste coming at all to be honest. But I'd imagine those who love pate will actually like this as the texture was creamy smooth.

Peter actually had to order another Coke for himself as that was the only solution to finishing half of the pate so that we don't waste it totally - I SALUTE him!

And honestly we had a terribly good laugh over the chicken pate as both of us were clueless with regards to what it was and its 'exotic' taste!

After the very 'unique' soup and pate, we were not having much hope on the mains really.

Peter's Mushroom Quiche (RM 25) arrived and it looked normal.

So he braved himself and had a go - by the look of his face I could tell this was definitely better than the pate lol~ and he actually nodded and commented that this tasted very nice actually, and way better than whatever we had earlier on.

Then came my
Red Snapper (RM 28) with some sauce - sorry as I've forgotten the name.

I didn't know what to expect when it landed on my table but I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of the sauce infusing the fish. The red snapper fillets were definitely fresh and grilled to near perfection with the skin being crispy and meat still tender. And just when I thought the accompanying balls on the dish were potatoes - I was proven wrong as they were honeydew balls! Surprise surprise indeed, and it complemented the sauce which had a sweet note to it.

I was very curious of this place and wanted to check out how its upstairs looked like, and after the meal we were actually given a tour of upstairs which turned out to be a perfect setting for private parties - both Oriental and Western settings available!

Check them out~

Peter gladly cam-whoring with the available decor

Our odd pic at the washroom upstairs lol.... What was he looking at?

This unique lighting

Of course, how can a wine bar tour be complete without a peek at the wine cellar?

In all, I like this place and would love to make a come back soon - but no more mushroom soup and pate :P

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  1. This is place is just plain awful lah :(