January 23, 2011

Weissbräu German Bistro & Bar @ Straits Quay

Can't believe I visited this German bar and restaurant twice in a short 2 weeks...

First visit was by request for some drinking but we ended up having dinner there as well.

I already had Franziskaner and Leffe Blonde before dinner btw....

Jason's Oven-Baked Spring Chicken [RM 32++]
Sides : Garlic Mash and Sauerkraut

Feedback : It was just so-so and we agreed that the best spring chicken is at Ocean Green :)

Distraught fella's Smoked Salmon Flammkuchen (Pizza) - Italian Touch [RM 36++]

Weissbrau's pizzas come in 2 choices : either Original or Italian. He opted for Italian which consisted of sour cream, home made tomato paste & Mozzarella cheese

The pizza had a thin yet crispy crust but is surprisingly good and blended well with the smoked salmon.

My Bacon Wrapped Cervelat [RM 32++]
Sides : Buttered market vegetables and Spaetzi - which is homemade German egg noodles tossed in butter

This is basically a bacon-wrapped sausage where the sausage is made up of beef and pork. The bacon is good but this is definitely a main course some ladies would avoid as it is quite filling. The Spaetzi was unique but a bit tasteless to me.

Yesterday night I went with hubby since it was his first visit to Straits Quay and I told him about the pork knuckle.

Hoegaarden & Franziskaner

Hubby's Crispy German Pork Knuckle [RM 48++]
Sides : Garlic Mash and Buttered Market Vegetable

The mash was smooth but I found some of the buttered vegetable to be uncooked and too hard. The pork knuckle was definitely too small in portion given the price charged and hubby was complaining a lot just on this alone coz we tried pork knuckles elsewhere and all of them came in the Right size. When we were done, we could almost immediately sense that the knuckles were halved before served; meaning one knuckle makes 2 pork knuckle servings around here. Nevertheless, the knuckle was crispy and the meat was tender. But still, we rather have the ones at Bavarian Bierhaus or Vintage Bulgaria.

Seafood Flammkuchen (Pizza) - Original [RM 32++]

Original version was a simple one with Sour Cream and Onion and so it tasted just like sour cream and onion! It had prawns; fish; crab stick and baby mussels (coz they're all so small).

I didn't like it a lot coz the Italian version tasted much better but hubby said it's not too bad.

In all, I find the food to be alright but a bit pricey.... With beer the bill came up to almost RM 140 for the 2 of us; and even without the beers it would still total up to almost RM 95 which is pretty steep. I'd think twice before making a return

Which reminds me that I still owe the distraught fella another 30 bucks! :-S

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  1. Meh... their sauerkraut is weak! Not exactly a very good intro to German cuisine.