December 6, 2010

Razzoos Cajun Cafe @ Round Rock, Austin

Razoos Cajun Cafe is a very interesting restaurant which I had the chance to experience - thanks to Tony's suggestion. This was also our first working day lunch at Austin too :)

I took pictures of almost all of the folks' meals but I honestly can't remember all the the names. Nevertheless, I would really like to share these unique food with ya'all!

My Shrimp Piquant ($7.99)

The shrimps are nice and spicy, rice is flavorful and the garlic bread sides were simply crunchy

These are all the 'unknowns' :P

Oh, not to mention a thanks to all the GALs for choosing a 'wonderfully Sunny' table right at the al fresco area! (some of the guys were actually dripping with sweat)

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