December 6, 2010

Romano's Macaroni Grill @ Round Rock Austin

The moment Winnie knew I was in town she did not hesitate a bit and offered to take me out for lunch - so off we went to this Italian Restaurant which she thought must be darn good since there are a whole bunch of these franchise back in Taiwan as well!

The place was pretty crowded even for lunch hour so my guess is that the food must not be that bad.

Olive oil with vinegar, with generous amounts of shredded cheese by Winnie's request

The bread was nice and warm - still a bit too hard for my liking (All the bread 'round here seems hard)

Winnie ordered a custom made spaghetti where we get to mix and match the type of spaghetti down to the ingredients to go with it

It definitely looked good to me, though I did not ask to sample it, not knowing if it's rude to do so :P

while I ordered a Spaghetti Meatball

The meatballs were just too huge and I couldn't even finish ONE. Imagine that. But they tasted great with the right texture, I wish they could make like 8 balls out of these 2!
The spaghetti was just right too - soft and it was filled with flavors of herbs.

Not too bad for a chain restaurant I must say.

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