December 15, 2010

Hock Lye Seafood revisited

After our first terrible encounter at Hock Lye Seafood, I gave it a second chance by suggesting it for coco's farewell lunch with all of us :P

This round, I was wise enough to call and make reservation and ordered dishes ahead too, and this was what we were greeted with...

A deserted open space! Seems like I have 'pao'-ed the whole place for coco's farewell haha!

Anyway, we (actually, I, to be exact) ordered many yum yum dishes including...

Steamed Loong Tan Fish (650grams @ RM 52)

Loong Tan fish's meat is chewy in nature and I liked its sweetness and freshness just steamed with supreme soy

Thai Style Chicken (RM 12)

Something to stir our tastebuds with the sweet and sour flavour

Signature dish - Drunken Prawns (500 grams @ RM 35)

Some of the folks didn't like the the overpowering liquor smell oozing out from the broth of this dish, but I personally find it aromatic and the prawns were very fresh too!

Kappa - Pa Jeo Style (RM 15)

This was not bad - kappa well infused with the spices, it's much nicer than Kam Heong style

Nai Pak Vegetable (RM 10)

Totally disappointed with this vegetable dish - the vegies were older than my grandmother and it's just plain bland

Salted Egg Yolk Crabs (3 meat crabs, 1.2kg @ RM 60)

Crabs were fresh, meaty and the flavours of the salted egg yolk was very evident within the crabs... Lye definitely had a finger-licking-good time enjoying this very dish alone coz it's his favourite

Most of the dishes we had on that day were nice except for the vegetable and so my conclusion would be to always make reservations ahead (with your dishes order if possible) and also preferably enjoy lunch here rather than dinner.

Our bill came up to a total of RM 198+ including drinks for the 6 of us (including honey)

One for the album!

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