December 6, 2010

IHOP @ I-35, Austin, Texas

Our first meal that we had upon touch down at Austin was @ the 24-hour chain restaurant - IHOP. It was 3am by the time we reach there (read: 5pm MYT) so it's our supper or breakfast? Whatever~

Kel and DT with the rest of the traveling crowd we had :)

Sauces and etc..

So now we know how it actually looks like when you're feeding a Kampung...

We shared a Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup ($2.99)

Creamy potato and bacon soup topped with Cheddar cheese and sour cream. The texture is rich and creamy - not too bad as it's something different from what we have here. But it sure is something you could easily get jelak with

I ordered something labeled New! on the menu - Philly Cheese Steak Stacker ($7.99)

... which is grilled ribeye steak and onions topped with melted American cheese on a grilled roll

When this landed on my table - that's when the first culture shock set in - it's so HUGE! I heard a lot about the portions but this is kinda like humongous O_o

The steak was nice but I couldn't finish it. Onion rings were not bad too but again I couldn't finish it even with Kel and DT's help

Country Fried Steak

An 8 oz. fried beef steak smothered in country gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

Kel's Quick Two-Egg Breakfast

Two eggs, hash browns, toast, plus two crispy bacon strips which Kel is going all out to eat while she's in the States :)

Kel ordered this for sharing as well - Double Blueberry Pancake

DT actually ordered something else but it did not make it to our table, and just when we were hoping that they would forget it for good coz we were just too full, the waitress recalled it and was so apologetic to DT that she served him this - on the house! Haha~ That's the reason for his gloomy expression

But it turned out that the dessert was pretty good :) - it's called
Crispy Strawberry Banana Cheesecake

Creamy cheesecake layered with caramel and chunks of banana, quick-fried in a flaky pastry tortilla. Topped with cool strawberry topping, fresh slices of banana and whipped topping.

We were just simply too stuffed to finish past the 50% mark :(

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