December 6, 2010

Home made Fish Tacos by Eric

We were so honored to be invited by DT's counterpart SRM Eric Stjern to his house to have a home made dinner - all prepared and cooked by himself!

The peaceful neighborhood...

Eric was such a nice and wonderful host not only for making such a delightful meal, but also the fact that he insisted to have a few rounds of the fish tacos for all of us before either him or his son gets their share. We were so phai seh for his warm hospitality!

The really, really, really YUMMY Fish Tacos - with both tortilla and fillings straight out from the pans - fired up with extra jalapeno too! :)

THANKS so much Eric for the wonderful meal and hospitality!

Got to know another colleague and also both his sons, as well as his cat and his dog. All of them were so friendly (yeah including the pets)

We had a friendly ping pong match to digest all the good food too :)

One for the album!

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