February 13, 2009

CNY Makan Pt. 5: Tian Tian - Everyday Supreme Restaurant (Red Rock Hotel)

CNY Day 4 saw another get-together dinner - this time with KW's group of friends at Tian Tian - Everyday Supreme Restaurant @ Red Rock Hotel - thanks to the organizer Ivan :D

Ivan told us that most restaurants the likes of StarView were already fully booked and he could only get Everyday Supreme Restaurant at Red Rock Hotel. He continued to share with us that the chef actually came from Corner Club @ Gurney Drive - also pretty renowned with its good Chinese cuisines.

There was a little drama with the turn-outs of the folks which got Ivan pretty upset - but let's not get to that sticky part :P

Our menu for the night.... (we waited pretty long before our first course actually arrived, after Ivan informed them we were ready)

'Yee Sang'

I didn't like this one - the colored 'sticks' thingy were too artificial and too hard. The portion was a bit too big as well

Shark's Fin Soup

Judging by the abundance of ingredients - the Shark's fin here wins Maple Gold's hands down - as evident from the visible shark's fin and crab meat in the soup itself - KW's response : 'hoh liao hoh liao' :D Unfortunately the vineyard green chillies were sweet and tasted one kind so I had to forego it for my soup

Steamed Fish

The fish, too, won over the Grouper of Maple Gold's hands down - the meat was fresh, succulent and very soft. Best of all, they have halved it prior to serving, hence we didn't have to flip it at all.

Blanched Prawns 白灼虾

The blanched prawns (which I forgotten to take pics of) have got to be the best dish of all - the prawns super fresh and blanched just right! They were not smelly at all - everyone dug in on this one

Sea Cucumber and Broccoli

As for this standard vegetables dish in most Chinese course dinners, this one couldn't compare to the one at Maple Gold - some of the broccolis were not cooked and I dislike it when Fatt Choys are stuck together in balls. One thing that this dish had and Maple Gold's doesn't is dried oyster - which I'm not really a big fan anyway ;)

Fried Rice with Preserved Meat

Similar to the one at Maple Gold, except this was a much better version - the preserved meat's portion were more appropriate in comparison to the rice's portion. There were more varieties of preserved meats and the taste were more flavorful too. Oh, not forgetting the very fragrant rice *sniff~~*

Deep Fried Chinese Pancake (dessert)

I've always been fortunate enough to have home-cooked fried chinese pan cakes so this dish didn't really catch my attention at first. By the looks of it, the outer crust seemed a bit too thick too. Not until I tried one that I realized how crunchy the crust was and the pancake inside was chewy at the same time - very well done :D

Honey Dew Sago (dessert)

This was served alongside the chinese pancake, which left some of the folks wondering if it was meant to be dipped with the pancake *muahahahahha* - well, it obviously was not, and should be consumed separately, ok?

Due to the starving level of everyone (including myself) by the time our course meals started, I actually forgot to take pictures of some of the dishes served - though remembered the blanched prawns (coz it was very fresh and finger-lickin-good), I couldn't recall if there was a Four Seasons or a Chicken dish... :S Sorry!

Group Pic of KW's kawan-kawan......(after the dinner)


We paid about RM 65 per pax for the entire meal (as the guys ordered beers). But what we know for sure is, the food was rated as Pretty Good (2.5 thumbs up) in overall and I wouldn't mind coming back for more :P


  1. Hey! you are a food hunter also! Really wanna salute to you for having such a marathon CNY eating gatherings! Keep it up!:)


  2. Hi Cariso! Thanks for the compliment :P it's much appreciated :D

    There's still a lot more I've yet to post up - The Sire Museum Restaurant is next - for my primary school gathering.. stay tuned!

  3. hi there, thanks for dropping by to my blog. Btw, I had tried the wedding dinner of one of my friends at Red rock and I can say the food there rocks. I love the shark fin soup there. Anyway, welcome to the world of food bloggers and hope that we have chance to meet up with you.

  4. Hi there Steven! I've heard of your name in the floggers scene and decided to check it out :) it didn't disappoint at all~

    I've been blogging since 2005 on another personal blog of mine but many friends commented that it had a lot of food posts in it and so I thought what the heck! I'll start a food blog then... so here I am :)

    Thanks for the welcome..! And for sure I'd love to jalan-jalan cari makan :D

  5. Sea cucumber broccoli..honeydew sago..Shark's fin again!!

    Eh..eat so much, macam mana diet..??

  6. Hey, heard a lot of review about this place but has yet have the chance to try it


  7. I've tried this place before. But I went there for a normal dinner only. The only thing I am not happy is that the air-cond is very cold and it makes the food cold very fast. Got to eat very quick. LOL..

  8. Sam : Yea it was indeed ho chiak! :)

    Satan Inside : CNY what, diet later :P

    Food Pomotions : Well we were there just because it was all fully booked elsewhere - but it was a good choice afterall - you should try it out

    foodees : hmm if i can recall the air cond was indeed pretty cool - maybe it's one of their strategies to get people to eat fast and move on - maximize their table turnover :P

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