February 13, 2009

CNY outing : Ji Mui hang out @ Shenanigans

What a busy CNY Day 2 it was! We had a ji mui gathering on the night of Day 2 @ Shenanigans (yep - I suggested it :P )

Shenanigans is a new establishment along Jalan Tanjung Tokong - with the concept of Irish pub and restaurant. There are 2 sections within the establishment - the right side being the restaurant, and the left being the so-called 'pub'.

Some shots we took over at the restaurant side...

I reached there about 9pm and some of the girls have already finished their dinners at the restaurant side, so we decided to move to the pub side.

Here's when we realized 2 pretty weird things:-

1. We had to settle the bill for restaurant side before we can proceed to the pub side, and we can't pool the bill and settle later

2. the Waiter was so obsessed with the menu that he had to collect it back on the spot once we were done referencing it (to settle individual bills with the one who paid the sum)

Oh well, once we were done with the lengthy ordeal of having the bill settled, we moved on.

As some of the girls were still full from the dinner, only the rest ordered drinks.

The waiter recommended me a drink similar to TGIF's mudslide (RM 32.80) - it's got Kahlua? chocolate, cream and sprinkled with coffee beans on top.

Well, a sip revealed that it is nothing near TGIF's mudslide - which looks like this

Teng ordered a frozen margarita which was pretty ok to her standards

and Mun, always the heroine, got herself a Flaming (Lamborghini) (RM 32.80) - and she didn't even know what it was the time she ordered it! :O

Mun's virgin experience with flaming wasn't a memorable one - it took the bartender or waiter quite a while just to get the alcohol lit up and the pouring wasn't a sight to behold as well - and within like 4 seconds or so, Mun's experience was over!

I captured a video of the whole thing but the place was too dark hence the outcome wasn't a good one. But Lesley's comment never fails to crack me up everytime I played the video...

"Lesley : Mun, it'll take 5-10 minutes before you start to feel the effect actually...

Mun : Oh yea?"

In all, Shenanigans proved to be a disappointment. The food so-so (according to the gals) yet expensive, service below par in contrary with the price, the pub's crowd consists of mostly middle-aged men (well, we were looking forward to hot, good-looking guys to drool over with!)

But we enjoyed our gathering no less... Thanks ji muis for showing up! :D


  1. TGIF mudslide looks better, but i think i will like both, as long as there's Kahlua..

  2. hi all.. i’ve been at shenanigans a few times since it opened. the drinks are like RM3 more expensive than Soho’s. The food is horrid. Service was fine.

    I haven’t been there for quite some time till Saturday. I’m never gonna set foot in there ever again. If anyone of you out there does not like violence towards women, please boycott that place!! Let me relate to you:

    The owner is british.. Ian is his name, if i’m not mistaken. Stuck up Pommie (biasa-lah). He’s here on the MM2H programme. On Saturday, I was sitting there with my two friends and it was almost closing time. Suddenly we heard a loud commotion (we were sitting at the table furthest away from the bar). And I looked over and I saw the owner repeatedly slapping the waitress and shouting at her. Then he punched her right in her face.. it was really loud!! Some of the patrons got up and tried to stop them and pulled the girl away and brought her to safety outside. He kept saying out loud that he’s gonna kill her and kept saying that he dares her to report to the cops, he swears that he’s gonna kill her.
    Now, I’m not sure what caused this, but bottomline is, he shouldn’t have hit her. I hate it when those white people come to our country and try to rule us and bully us around.



    btw, if anyone knows the waitress, please contact me.. i was trying to look for her to help her lodge a complaint, but i couldn’t find her already. Thanks.