February 13, 2009

CNY Makan Pt. 2 : Home Dinners on Day 1 & 2

During CNY Days 1 and 2, we had 'home' meals for dinner coz most eateries and restaurants were closed (except Mamak and Malays of course), but we can have pretty decent meals in-house too~

CNY Day 1 Dinner :

Dad bought home yummy makan from Hameediyah!! Hameediyah is definitely our all-time favourite Murtabak place ever and since my second uncle's family were joining us for dinner, my dad bought quite a lot - and everyone enjoyed themselves :D YummmmMMmmm~

The curry chicken is to die for! So are their signature '
bawang'! - my cousin sister and I didn't really care if we were going out later coz it's just too freakin' good to miss out on :P

CNY Day 2 Dinner :

All of the families crashed at my third uncle's place as usual and we had these for dinner :

(Clockwise from top left)

Prawns (cooked by my third aunt)

Soy Chicken (cooked by my third aunt)

Jai choy' - vegetarian dish (cooked by my third aunt)

Smoked Duck (brought from Ipoh by second aunt but cooked by my mom)

OooohhhHhh... not forgetting we had too tor th'ng (pork belly soup with abalone) and dessert of foo chok thong sui' - but I didn't take pics coz the 'buffet line' was pretty crammed up

They were both hearty meals indeed - with the company of all the Wee families :D

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