February 5, 2009

CNY Makan Pt 1: Reunion Dinner

I know it's a bit 'late' to post up CNY food but hey, I'm not gonna let that dampen my spirit! Me still gonna put up all the good stuff I've been consuming for the past .. erm.. week? (felt like eating non-stop for few weeks already!)

First up! Mom's home cooked reunion dinner!
This year, I've decided to sneak a peek of the lengthy and labor-intensive preparation work for the ultimate Hokkien dish - Joo Hoo Char!

Mom very busy preparing the ingredients... (it took her 2 days to slowly peel, dice, slice the ingredients)

This year, my brother and my sister-in-law couldn't make it back home as their son has just been born about a month ago, so they had to stick around with the baby, and so KW was invited by mom to sit in with us! ^ v ^

After all the hard work...... A sumptuous reunion dinner is served!

hoh liao (good stuff) :
Joo Hoo Char
(best taken with Sang Choi)

Hoh liao #2 :
Prawns cooked in mom's secret sauce :)

Hoh liao #3 :
Seo Bak
(roasted pork) - this one is bought from Pulau Tikus market (need to pre-order ok!)

Hoh liao #4 :
Steamed Fish (mom said fish is a must have coz it contains the meaning of '
nin nin yau yu' [always abundance year in and year out])

Hoh liao #5 : (which I don't dare to take pics coz my grandma or my dad will think I'm crazy)

Too Tor Th'ng
(pork belly soup) with Abalone

Hoh liao #6 : (
which I don't dare to take pics... again)
Pak Cham Kai (steamed chicken) .......

.......which goes very very well with this authentic Cantonese-style condiment, made of garlic, ginger, sesame oil and oyster sauce - YummmMMmmmyyyYYyy~!

We all ate til we were so full that there were not even a tiny bit of room left for longan dessert - that's how good the food were! :D

* in case anyone's wondering why I can take pics of the food above but not the chicken and the soup, that's because I secretly zoomed in the food one by one from afar when I took them! And that time, the chicken and the soup were not served yet *


  1. Yums! Dammit... shouldn't be reading food blog posts in the middle of the night!

  2. Home cooked reunion dinner is the best! :)

    Hey, Cheryl, we were actually INSIDE Coca Restaurant @ 1U when you came to collect the tickets just now. Andrea told us. Come in and say hello next time. :)

  3. Home cooked reunion dinner is the best!

    BTW, Cheryl, we were actually INSIDE Coca Restaurant when you came to collect the voucher just now. Andrea told us.

    Come in say hello next time, k? :)