February 13, 2009

CNY Makan Pt. 4B : Continuation Round 2 @ Coffee Island

After our meal @ Maple Gold, we proceeded to the latest coffee place in town - Coffee Island along Gurney Drive. DC told me that the owner of this place was the one who established the famous (translate : bloody expensive) seafood restaurant Bali Hai just a block away from Coffee Island.

Being CNY Day 3 and all, Gurney Drive was extremely, extremely, jammed up yet we still finally made our way there.

After sitting down and skimmed through the self-service order sheet to pick and tick our orders, we handed it to the waitress, then yacked away...........................

After many rounds of yacking with different people, somehow our tables were still empty!

Where are our drinks? We asked one of the waitress, only to be told that "The drinks are on the way"


After 30 minutes since our orders were collected?
You gotta be kidding me!

And we still waited.....

Another 15 minutes had past... where are the drinks?!??!!!!!!!!!!

Then another 10 minutes or so had past again.......

Finally - our drinks arrived! (about time!)

50% of what our table ordered looked like this..... (And I thought they would've come with fairies or
Choy San Yeh or better still, fireworks to have taken THAT long)

Some friends who came late and ordered their drinks later than us didn't even get their drinks up to an hour after they ordered, when we've finally decided to make a move - simply UNBELIEVABLE

Coffee Island should seriously take a look at whatever that's holding back the order deliveries - be it system limitation or what not, coz no customer is gonna put up with a 45 mins - 1 hour's wait time to get the most basic product out of this place - DRINKS.

No excuse for the CNY crowd anyway - that's the reason they opened the place prior to X'mas '08 anyway - to catch the biz peaks over the holiday seasons.

One thing's for sure - No more Coffee Island for me for a long, long, time..............

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