February 3, 2009

Am I LUCKY or what?

Huaaaaa... I'm 1 of the 3 winners for Coca GONG XI Giveaway on sixthseal.com!!! How unexpected and surprising indeed!!

Check it out!

I almost forgot all about the contest until HB korek-ed me on facebook and asked me to check my e-mail =P

Coca's contest on sixthseal.com

My award-winning speech:-

First of all, I'd like to thank the
good folks in Coca for creating this Quote "no hoops to jump through, no slogans to crack your brains on, and no pesky forms to fill up" Un-Quote contest!

Secondly, I'd like to thank
Huai Bin (obviously) for sixthseal.com is where he attracted my attention to this contest, I guess being an ardent follower of his blog for more than 5 years have finally paid off afterall! *grinz*

Last, but not least, I must say my thanks to ..... none other than .......
random.org!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? Coz it freakin generated ME as the winner d'oh!!

And what's best? I'll be heading to KL within the week and I can check it out wooooo~~~~

I'm beginning to feel this to be one of my best start of the year ever - won money during CNY, had a very pleasant and fulfilling CNY with endless strings of gatherings of relatives and friends which I enjoyed... landed myself with a new job, and now this!

...................And I want things to get better than this still! :D

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! :)

    Actually, I was the one who came out with that slogan. ;) Thank you, appreciate that you thought it was good. =D

    Enjoy the food at Coca!

    Take care Cheryl! All the best! :)