February 13, 2009

CNY Makan Pt. 3 : Lunch @ Candice's house

Candice was so kind to invite all of us to her house on CNY Day 2 (Jan 27th) where her dad basically cooked a storm enough to feed the whole kampung (literally!)

We were really flattered to arrive there, greeted by and warmly taken care of not only by her and her family members, but we also got a chance to see all her relatives from near and far gathered at her house.

What a glorious feat her family did! Prepared all the dishes that fed THAT many people, and constantly making sure that everyone had enough to drink and eat.. and according to Candice, this is what her family does every CNY - dad will cook all the nice dishes and they will invite all the relatives over to eat! How lucky~~

As an ex colleague, I felt much more privileged to have been part of it as well, knowing that I'm always welcomed as part of the GT family, eventhough I've left the company for about 3 years now - the friendship with the folks have always been something I treasure...

We were expecting Patrick (from GT KL) all the way from Ipoh but I guess he under-estimated the traffic condition on PLUS and also in Penang :P and it actually took him a little bit more than the 15 minutes he proclaimed he could arrive within to get to Candice's place (and we left after 230pm)

Candice brought us their home-made 'cocktail' and offered us some ultra-soft butter cake she bought the morning itself...

The drink was so refreshing! It had lychees, finely cut honeydew strips and red jellies in it

The butter cake was for us to eat while waiting for Patrick to arrive (yea, from Ipoh) - it's so good that I never would've though butter cake could taste so light yet full of flavor!

After waiting for some time, it was pretty much evident that Patrick couldn't make it on time to eat together with us, so Candice and her sister brought over all the goodies for us to have with rice

We had..

Left : Marmite Chicken (kid's favourite); Right : Braised Pork Belly and Pork Ribs

Left : soft egg beancurd with vegetables and mushroom; Right : Prawns with Mixed vegetables (celery, carrot, pumpkin, capsicum, button mushroom)

The marmite chicken was the most popular dish of all (amongst adults and kids that is) - very flavorful and each piece was portioned very well too

the braised pork belly and ribs was definitely the most popular dish amongst all the adults - we didn't know pork belly could be cooked this way - braised and yet retaining its softness, and the ribs were so soft and the meat just fell off the bones easily.. the gravy of this dish was tangy and went well with the rice

On contrary, the soft egg beancurd dish's taste was just right and not too overpowering, and it surprisingly complemented the flavorful first 2 dishes very well

The prawns and mixed vegetables dish was another good complement to the overall meal, and I must say that being an anti-celery person, I helped myself with quite a few servings of the celery sticks from this dish :P coz the taste were pretty neutral and it's pretty crunchy actually

Tested out my new camera's macro function on a drop of water :P

We actually cam-whored *a lot* before and after the meal but here are some memorable shots..

The very sweet host - Candice (with our ang pows)

The happy families of the existing GT folks (Alvin's family, Dorene's family and Candice) .....

and last but not least, the GT folks - ex and current :D (no, the kids don't work with GT)

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