February 13, 2009

CNY Makan Pt. 4A : Gathering @ Maple Gold Restaurant

This year's CNY was an especially pleasant one for me : not only I don't have to put up with the torturous night shift anymore, I have plenty of off days at my disposal as well :P

Which simply means that I get to participate in as many gatherings / reunions / functions as I bloody wish! Unlike past years where I'd have to forego some gatherings to make way for my taxing work schedules

Every year we'd have a friends gathering with Terrence / Terry and the bunch, and since Terry decided to move on from T-Jay cafe, we are open to the venue of our gathering dinner.

After much commendable effort of Terry coordinating the attendance of everyone, we've finally settled down with Maple Gold Restaurant along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (diagonally opposite Wawasan Open University) for our gathering dinner on CNY Day 3.

We decided on the CNY package meal for 10 pax @ RM 428++ per table for 2 tables - each package comes with a complimentary red wine or a jug of beer or 2 jugs of fresh fruit juice. We opted for the red wine of course ^.^

Kawan-kawans sekalian..

Good Luck '
Yee Sang'

I'm never particularly a
Yee Sang fan but I love this one - the ingredients were fresh and evident that it's made by the kitchen and not one of those bought off-the-shelf type. The portion was just right for a table of 10 as well

Seafood Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallops

The Shark's fin was chock full of goodies - fresh crab meat, dried scallops, shark's fin - cooked to perfection with a smooth texture and not too thick. The best part was, their vineyard green chillies were really spicy and complemented the soup perfectly

Four Seasons

Now this dish was supposed to be served before the soup but somehow the waitress got mixed up - but we enjoyed it no less :)

Note that the
Wan Tans on both left and right sides of the plate were exact same stuff, which made us wonder why separate them then? My logic : coz '4' (sei) is not auspicious of course! :P

Crispy Boneless Chicken in Homemade Sauce

The chicken was very crispy, and the homemade sauce is really tantalizing to the tastebud - it's sweet, sourish with hints of spiciness all-in-one. Very appetizing and a nice sauce to dip the
Man Tous with too

Steamed Grouper 'Hong Kong' Style

The fish was a slight disappointment though - slightly overcooked and bland - and it wasn't readily sliced open as most restaurants would have done prior to cooking or serving. (as Chinese disliked flipping fishes over) But, I'm always a sucker for Superior Soy Sauce, the sauce easily earned my thumbs-up :)

Braised Sliced Mexican Topshell with Stuffed Beancurd

This dish was definitely a mouthful to pronounce! From the pic it looks like any ordinary Broccoli and mushroom dish right? Wrong~~ This dish is definitely one of the best Broccoli dish I had for a long, long time, coz it not only had broccoli, mushroom, Fatt Choy, fish maw, beancurd and Mexican Topshell slices - all in one dish! The beancurd is really nice and smooth, and the topshell slices are just as chewy and tasty. PERFECT!

Fried Rice with Preserved Meat

The fried rice was not bad, but I reckon the portion of preserved meat was a bit too little in comparison with the rice, so not everyone got to sample the various preserved meat.

Deep-Fried Lotus Paste Buns

Just like any magnificient performance, the last act always seems to be the weakest ;) the lotus paste buns were too oily and it's not really a healthy option too - dry and all; as Chinese meals would normally end with a
Thong Sui or some fruits or light pastries which are either refreshing, nourishing or one that aids in digestion.

Don't these look like Ang Pows? But they're actually wet towels.. how creative and fulla CNY feel huh? ;)

In all, Maple Gold earns a double thumbs-up from me - despite some slight flaws in some of the dishes (coz we gotta factor in the fact that CNY Day 3 was definitely a hectic night for any Chinese restaurant - jam packed with people hungry for good food)

We paid RM 55 per pax (including service charge, chinese tea, peanuts and wet towels) - pretty decent price to pay for such sumptous meal over CNY :)

Hats off again to Terry for all the painstaking effort of organizing the entire gathering since more than a month ago - KUDOS! It's nice to be able to catch up with everyone again

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  1. Watlao..so many wedding dinner style of meals.

    I want shark fin soup...*drooling*