February 13, 2009

CNY Makan Pt. 0 : KW family reunion dinner @ Golden Gate Restaurant

I know you're probably gonna ask me why CNY Makan Pt. 0 and not Pt. 2... well, that's coz I forgot to post up the reunion dinner that dear KW's family invited me to on 29 'meh' (Jan 24th), and I absolutely have reasons for it!

It's coz I was using my faithful Olympus FE 230 to take the pics for the final night before switching to my new Sony Skinny T hence I totally forgot about the pics... until... like now :|

Let's move on to the makan! KW's elder brother made a reservation for 2 tables at Golden Gate - a pretty famous steamboat establishment near Silverton @ Gurney Drive

We were seated at the tables pretty near to the kitchen but it was pretty alright coz we know we're definitely near where the food are :)

KW's brother chose the steamboat package upon recommendation by the waitress, but the package was a pretty basic one without 'extravagant' stuff like beef, pork belly, etc so his brother ordered some of the stuff that the family liked on top of the package.

We were served Spring Rolls with Worcestershire sauce for dipping as appetizer..

The spring rolls were pretty good - crunchy and goes very well with the Worcestershire sauce

And here's different views of the 'Lor' (steamboat) - before and during makan time :P

I didn't really take lotsa pics during this dinner coz... it's KW's family dinner and it's a bit embarrasing to be snapping pics away on every food that's on the table :S so I did it pretty discreetly with limited shots only

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of steamboat coz I've always felt strongly that we should pay for a culinary experience that you can't really find at home or one that is hard to DIY... and paying for steamboat is just like paying money to have our own meals cooked ourselves!

Hmmm.... but I must say that this particular experience at Golden Gate definitely changed my perception on steamboat.. as I truly enjoyed the whole experience of it...! The whole steamboat meal was not dragged overly long, everyone tucked in once the food were cooked, the ingredients were fresh and clean, and above all, the soup base was really good!

I guess I felt really warm knowing that KW's family always counted me in on all their family meals, especially their early reunion dinner - and I do count my blessings to have both KW and my own family with such sense of belongings, apart from all my friends whom I dearly love :)

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