May 3, 2009

Nutty Eve #9's Inaugural non-food related post!

...........And this one's for you Huai Bin! (and Simon too!)

Well, to be honest, it's pretty fun to have finally gotten the chance to meet up with the man behind - very weird feeling too I must say; after so many years of following his blog ever since a good friend of mine recommended me to it - so HB, you actually owe it to her that I got hooked on to your blog :P

I didn't take a lot of pictures during you guys' visit to Penang, for obvious reasons that I know you guys will be covering that portion pretty well and secondly, Penang is my 'teh thao' (Hokkien for territory) ok?! :D

And so! I've decided to put up some random and candid shots instead

Huai Bin's up to something in the front of Khoo Kongsi it seems...

The 3 eagles within Khoo Kongsi

Masterpiece depicting a thousand children

I specifically took a picture of this as the creature that the lady is riding on is a Phoenix, in Chinese known as
- one of the character in my Chinese name

Kah Wheng and I @ Fort Cornwalis (looking awkward due to the unstable footing)

Some rich folks' boats docked at QE II (Queen Elizabeth II) pier..

Me @ Belvedere Vodka backdrop

Off to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion..

Kah Wheng trying to pull off with the trishaw-man stunt

Snapping pics away while waiting for the 3pm tour to start... (that's Simon in the pink Tee)

Fast forward a bit.... and we're at Penang Hill!

Dinner time @ Presgrave Road Hokkien Mee....

HB and Simon showing off their skills with poor Or Chien (Hokkien : Fried Oyster) being the subject of their shooting

We headed to UPR (Upper Penang Road) for the night....

The BEFORE shot....

The 'in between' shot...

And no, there're no AFTER shots coz I didn't take any :P


  1. Thanks for the great hospitality Cheryl!

    Enjoyed myself thoroughly on the Penang trip. :)

    I'll send you the photos later. :)

  2. Yeah. Thanks for everything. Couldn't have visited so many places and eat the nice hokkien mee without both of you.