December 16, 2009

喜饼 ∙ 嫁女饼

喜饼, a.k.a 嫁女饼 is a type of biscuit specially made as a gift from the bridegroom's side to the bride's side prior to the new couple's wedding.

On a pre-selected auspiscious day, my hubby's sister-in-law represented my mom-in-law and brought over these 喜饼s to my parents' house for us as part of the 送礼 (gift-giving) tradition.

There are 2 flavours in the 喜饼 - the pink ones are filled with 豆沙 (Tau Sar) while the yellow ones are filled with 莲蓉 (Lin Yong)

My family liked them and I shared the 喜饼s with my co-workers.. they all loved it! Most of them liked the 莲蓉 (Lin Yong) ones but my personal preference is the 豆沙 (Tau Sar)


  1. wah, the packing looks old
    the pneah also looks old
    so traditional & interesting.
    I think it's a great gift

  2. They look old but they're fresh and tasted great :)

  3. Glad to be mentioned here....enjoy reading your blog....keep it up!!!!

  4. Thanks Kathryn! erm been wanting to ask you for so long - actually do you prefer if I call you by name or by T.S.?