May 13, 2009

Wan Than Mee off Chulia Street

One of my fave Wan Than Mee stall is located within a very old coffee shop off Chulia Street (opposite Rainforest bakery)

* Notice the headband fella wrapping Wan Thans on the left? :P He's extremely skillful according to KW

Went and had a late lunch last weekend and this stall offers delicious Wan Than Noodles and Ngau Lam Mee (Beef Soup Noodles). KW and myself normally order one of each but since it was Wesak Day, I decided not to have beef..

So we ordered a Wan Than Mee and a Wan Than soup instead since KW was not particularly hungry..

Just looking at this pic is enough to make me salivate :P

This Wan Than Mee is really springy and I just love it.. The wan thans are very smooth and the fillings flavorful....

So perfect!

Did I ever mention that Wan Than Mee is like my number 2 favourite hawker food after Char Kuey Teow?


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  3. I pass by this place all the time but I still did not try out the Ngau Lam Mee.. LOL! I heard it was not bad. You should try out the WTM at Lebuh Melayu too.. the wan than are fat and nice :)

  4. Meh.... Wan Than Mee has never been my cup of tea

  5. Don't understand why you used the word "tangy" to describe the taste of the wanton fillings. Do you know the meaning of that word? It doesn't do justice to good food if you use a wrong word to describe their taste...

  6. Anonymous: I really don't see why I CAN'T use the word... do YOU really know the meaning of the word 'tangy'?

    According to Cambridge dictionary:-
    TANGY : adjective
    A tangy flavour is pleasantly strong and sharp
    example :
    a deliciously tangy lemon tart

    Please notice the word 'pleasantly' in the description

    I really don't see how this word does not do justice to food as the word itself is used to describe flavour

  7. Yes, tangy is used to describe a flavour, but that of an orange or a lemon. This shows in the example you quoted above, where the word tangy was used to describe the taste of a lemon tart. The very reason why tangy can't be used to describe a wanton's fillings, unless you are telling me that it tastes of orange or lemon...

  8. Anonymous : Good point, so I reckon the word 'tangy' is not really useful due to its very limited usage on citrus-based fruit only

  9. Yes, that's why you need to use the word sparingly. I guess this goes for all words. Just becuase a word is used to describe a flavour or taste doesn't mean it can be used to describe any kind of flavour or taste. I rest my case...

  10. i've tasted this beef noodle once, not bad though. another option for beef noodle lovers in penang.