May 24, 2009

Mee Goreng @ Lasia Cafe, Air Itam

One of the favourite place for me and KW for a good ol' mee goreng is at Lasia Cafe.. it's located in Air Itam, right before the roundabout leading to Penang Hill (12 o'clock), and Kek Lok Si (9 o'clock)

Before being introduced to this stall by KW, I've always supported the mee goreng at Bangkok Lane Pulau Tikus, and the one in Swee Kang kopitiam, also in Pulau Tikus (opposite the police station)

But this one's so much better!

This is the stall.....

The major income generator for Lasia Cafe is actually this stall as this is the one that drives customers in, but please be WARNED that the price of the drinks are notoriously expensive! We always order the Sour Sop juice and it costs a hefty RM 2.50 or something!?! So does the rest of the drinks.. very steep prices

Business is damn good as far as we're concerned, coz everytime we drop by (it's quite far from my place actually), this place is not short of people yearning for his plate of mee goreng or mee rebus

I heard from friends before that the wait time 'round here is pretty outrageous... but maybe coz we're too hard core of a fan hence we didn't really notice..

But I actually took effort to time our total wait time once.... and eventhough there were not many customers waiting in line, it took a good 20 minutes for our plates to arrive.... hmmm....

Introducing... Mee Goreng

What's so special about their mee goreng is that it's pretty 'wet' and 'mushy', definitely not one of those typical dry mee gorengs. Surprisingly, being a fan of dry mee goreng, I can accept this type as well, because it tasted as though all the goodness of the sauce that they have mixed have been well infused in the Mee itself, giving it the 'ooomph'

Because we don't normally order Mee Rebus, I had to dig out one of the pic from my phone just to show how it looks like

The Mee Rebus is very nice and the flavor ... I can just say that they got it just right... the soup base that they use, paired with all the chilli and some other sauces which we could not identify, makes this a perfect 'soup' version of the Mee. And for those we are not into fried mee, they can always opt for a healthier Mee Rebus.


  1. ya, I had tried the mee goreng there before, but that was months back. I love the taste and the spiciness is actually very high. This is good one. I had been trying to blog about this place but every time no luck, I ended up on their off day :( wanna go try again.

  2. We always drop by on a Saturday and it's open 90% of the time, but we went there once on 2nd of May (Sat) and it wasn't open, so.... i wish you better luck ya! :)

    And yes, I forgot to mention about the spiciness, it never fails to make us sweat :P

  3. Have been eating from this stall since young. And till now there's still so many customers!!!