May 15, 2009

Semi-Buffet Lunch @ The View Equatorial

During the recent reorg last month, we had a nice 'teambuilding' lunch @ The View, Equatorial Hotel.

It was also in conjunction with the Secretary Week luncheon that the restaurant was having so we went for their 'package' at RM 65nett per pax for the 'semi fine-dining' affair.

As it was my first experience dining at The View - I looked forward to it! :D

The entrance...

So why is it called The View you ask? Some people say the view is really nice since EQ Hotel is located on a hill.. well, you be the judge:

The menu we had for the day

Our table setting

And the huge team we had!

The fresh fruit juices which we were conned into thinking was part of the deal... Orange and Carrot

This is my honeydew

Let's start with the appetizers!

What I *think* I took... (I couldn't really identify the rest)

Scallop Ceviche with Golden Trout Caviar and Chives (the one in the spoon)
Kebobs of Red and Yellow Watermelon with Feta Cheese on Rosemary Skewers (the red piece with rosemary leaves jutting out at the top)
Champagne Poached Oysters in Dill Aspic (this is pretty obvious)
House Cured Salmon Grav- Lax with Traditional Condiments (the very thinly-sliced salmons)
Grilled Water Chestnuts Wrapped in Bacon with BBQ – Sauce (the other red piece on the left of the lemon)

Close up of Scallop Ceviche with Golden Trout Caviar and Chives

There were very limited numbers of these expensive babies as they never refilled the caviars after the first round was taken up (kinda like 7 of them only)

Close up of the very fresh oysters

My second round of appetizer.. none of which I could identify them of except for the salad I took :P

They had a skillful chef specially slicing the salmon on the spot - ever so thinly... *me likes*

See how thin it is??

Jia Hui was kind enough to take some pics for me outside of our 'private' dining area :P

And then our main courses finally arrived!

My order - Oven Roasted Lamb Chops with Muesli and Black Truffle Stuffing on Young Asparagus

This is the 'Panache of Cod on Saffron Risotto with Tomato Extract and Artichoke Tapenade' that most of my colleagues had

.. ...and boy, were they 'duped' by the Cod fish.. hehe.. coz I know I don't really like Rissotto so I didn't favor this one

Asked GL to take a pic of me so excited and ready to indulge in my lamb!

We lamented that the slab of lamb was so thick and ample-portioned that we hardly seen any place that served such a portion.. most of the time, we get lamb chops with the ribs and fat and all but these were all solid and like the name, it was stuffed with Muesli and Black Truffle - which made the already marinated lamb even more aromatic and pleasing to the taste bud when it hits the tongue... just writing this is making me salivate!

There was another choice of main that unfortunately no one ordered though - Composition of Pasta's - Seafood Risotto, Spaghetti Bolognese and Sheese Tortellini Primavera

After we had our mains and some super satisfied (like myself :D), some not-so; we headed for dessert!

Though my dessert helping didn't look very appetizing, believe me, they were splendid (well, not all)

Winners for the dessert category were:-

1. Bread & Butter Pudding (bottom right) - which is like my No. 1 favourite dessert; they make it so nice, soft and puffy.. above all, I like the touch where they keep the bread and butter pudding warm by constantly heating it via heated water and each 'batch' is baked in small portions only; and when it runs out then only they refill it with another new batch.

2. Tiramisu - which GL (the very picky eater) commented that it still can't beat the one that Ristorante Bella Italia offers - coz according to him, if we can taste the 'biscuit' part within the Tiramisu, then it's not a good Tiramisu (how deep!)

After our whole lengthy meal, time for a group photo of our newly reorg-ed team! All smiles are always the best :D

Some surroundings of Equatorial Hotel...

I'm checking out their dinner menu and planning to have one with KW soon... seems that The View is very renowned for 2 things : 1. nice view 2. price tag

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