May 1, 2009

Annabelle's Place @ Tanjung Bungah

Had a lot of lazy Sunday afternoon lunches lately (and I reckon that's a good sign of being a 'normal' shift person once again) and ajak-ed PChoon to sample Annabelle's Place since I've read quite a lot of reviews about its English-style deco and marvelous creme brulee

As depicted by most floggers alike, the interior deco was indeed very similar to that of Winter Warmer's - I almost forgotten the fact that I'm still living in the hot Malaysian-weather.

There is a small al-fresco area for smokers or foreigners who prefer to sit in the open air near the sun (foreigners generally like the sun)

This seems to be the owner's dog.. lazing around and settled with a cosy little spot under a reserved table to nap..

The very sweetly decorated menu..

My sweeet old friend PChoon:-

PChoon told me that the owner Annabelle Teow is actually our primary and secondary school mate! Same age as us.... and after observing her, I found that to be true.. and we were same class with her before too! It's always a proud and envious feeling knowing how others are doing well and even owning a self business

Owner's business card

My drink - Anna Banana (RM 9.90)

Very cute shoe-shaped glass isn't it?

This is by far the BEST banana milkshake concoction I had ever! It's not overly sweet and had the right rich texture yet I didn't taste its oxidation as time goes by... highly recommended! I can't get enough of it really :P

PChoon's Chococcino (RM 7.90)

This was served with a refined English tea cup and was served with a biscuit - the biscuit literally melted when dipped within the hot chocolate.. perfect combination!

Our shared orders...

Mushroom Soup (RM 7.00)

PChoon's first reaction : This must be for those health-conscious.. haha.. which translates to being too bland, but the mushroom soup was pretty thick and chock full of mushroom flavor - thumbs up!

Creamy CrabMeat Pasta (RM 18.90)

I don't think I ever tried any spaghetti with crab meat before so this was definitely a first... and it's surprisingly VERY GOOD! One would think that having chockful of crab meat in a creamy dish would most certainly create a 'filling' impression, but this dish definitely did not.. and I welcome the ample crab meat :D

As it's our first time and with me being such a huge sucker for poached egg, we ordered a breakfast dish called 'Buck Rarebit' but it took a few reminders and an extremely long time for it to arrive at our table :S

Buck Rarebit (RM 7.80)

I was particularly disappointed with the presentation and taste of it. The poached egg was not poached at all - it looked and tasted just like any 'boiled' sunny side egg to me.
However, the consolation to it was that the bread underneath the egg tasted pretty unique.

FYI - A poached egg is supposed to look like this (with the egg yolk still in runny status inside)

(picture taken from

And how can we not have the creme brulee that this establishment is famous for? We had so much confidence that we'd like it that we ordered 1 each!

Creme Brulee (RM 9.90)

But.. but... one spoonful of the creme brulee revealed that the top layer of sugar was laid overly thick and was not caramelized long enough hence it had very coarse texture to it... but the creme brulee underneath it was pretty refined and good - I still prefered the one at Vintage Bulgaria though

The bill came to RM 71.30.. which is pretty 'English-standard' I guess :P

Some rooms for improvement would definitely be the availability of waiters/waitreses and serving time as we did observe that there was only 1 waiter manning all the customers - from menu to taking order, serving and clearing up the tables.

I'd come back to try their tea items no less, and oh, definitely for the Anna Banana and the crabmeat pasta! Slurrppp and Yummmmssss! :D

Annabelle's Place is located towards the direction of Alila project, location map as below:-


  1. QUOTE : [One would think that having chockful of crab meat in a creamy dish would most certainly create a 'filling' impression, but this dish definitely did not.. ]

    well...this IS the italian style, always a lot of noodles, little 'liao' and covered with liquid cheese. the restaurant definitely imitate it well. so it's ok la..looks appetising lor....*salivating*

  2. Haha! You ordered the totally different dishes as mine, except the creme brulee. It seemed like I got to stay tuned to my old orders if I were to visit here again. :)

  3. You may visit Torch as well(beside annabelle's place)