May 13, 2009

The Loaf @ Pavilion

Whenever I go KL, this is the place I never miss out - picking out some Uhu! Hus for my family and friends :)

As mentioned in my earlier post before, I'm a huge fan of The Loaf's cheese cup cakes - they're my fave now and are ranked on top of J.Co or Big Apple donuts :)

Few weeks back, we shopped at Pavilion and out of tired feet, we decided to sit down at The Loaf and enjoy some Uhu! hu!s before doing our usual take-aways..

clock-wise from top:-
Garlic Bread - Blueberry Treasures - Refreshing Longan - Durian Obsession

They ALL tasted marvelous!

I bought some take-aways for didi, JC and my family - all with different outcomes...

Didi shoved the whole box of Uhu! hu!s into the fridge (as instructed by me) and all were wiped out by his parents the next morning : S

JC didn't know what they were but downed them at home anyway and liked them - especially the Luxurious Chocolate - well, at least, SOMEONE appreciated my effort of dragging these precious babies all the way back from KL by hand via flight summore!

My family... my mom ate them all - kept asking me how much each costed - complaint that they must be expensive... bla bla bla...

Oh well.... I still like my Uhu! hu!s :D

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  1. Even though I stay in KL but I haven't try The Loaf before lol.