May 30, 2009

Yoke Fok Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Went on a Genting trip with 4 siao kias (crazy folks) back in March, and with our trip planner PK being a food-centric person, we are only allowed to dine at the best places around :P

Anyhow, I was the one who chose to have Ipoh Dim Sum here @ Yoke Fook Moon

Yups! So this is the entrance... and that's baka quah (somewhat shivering? On a bright Saturday morning?)

We were all basically starving by the time we reached Ipoh as all of us had empty stomachs needed to be filled up

Instead of chinese tea, we all had Iced White Coffee which ah soon said was freaking good (where he ordered this when we came here during our team trip a few years back)...........

.........except for PK who ordered Milo instead (-_-)

This is one hell of a cool white coffee like I never tasted before wei! Thick, smooth, creamy all in one - chun! [I think these cost at least RM 3.50 each :S ]

Preparing the chilli sauce to go with the Dim Sums... this is one hot chilli sauce I tell ya.. don't dip too much if you can't handle it

First thing that ah soon the 'tham chiak kui' ordered was Fried Fish Balls (which is also one of my favourite as well)

... and the moment it landed on the table - he dug in already even before the rest came back from restrooms :-| (aptly named 'tham chiak' what)

- later on PK found out through pics that I took that we had these, and got upset at ah soon coz she didn't get to eat any fish ball at all, hehehehe...

(and that's Suchi at the background thinking what dim sum to order)

I always liked century egg porridge at dim sum places, and I thought they serve the same 'round here too, so we ordered 2 of the porridges....

But found out that they are not century egg and lean meat porridge, but it was Dried Oyster Porridge instead... and they weren't that tasty.. as well as too big of a portion

Har Kau (Prawn Dumpling)

These were very big-sized and were pretty juicy and fresh

Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Beancurds and Vegetables)

Not a big fan of yong tau foo, this one's so-so

I'm not sure who ordered this - or what 'kao' is this - and I didn't even recall tasting one either :S

Deep-Fried Yam Balls

These were not bad on the outer layer - crunchy and all; but on the inside - the fillings were a bit bland and the outer layer was too thick as well

Deep-Fried Prawn Fritters

PK's favourite - pretty good with mayonaise - I think we ordered 2 of these

Egg Tarts

These were just mediocre.. crust was too thick and the fillings too sweet

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun (Steamed Rice Rolls with prawn fillings)

Typical Hong Kong style chee cheong fun.. tasted alright but I had better ones elsewhere

Lor Mai Kai (chicken glutinous rice)

I was too busy eating to snap this pic quick enough before the 'vultures' get to it.. hence the reason for it's state of "incompleteness" But this was a disappointment coz everything was just basically too hard (probably overcooked) - from the rice to the chicken/preserved meat, etc.

Baka wanted Char Siew Pao (pork bun), but I didn't sample it.. it should be pretty ok though by the looks of it

Here's baka quah again doing the wrap up for Yoke Fook Moon - by sharing with everyone its business hours :P

Surprisingly, they're open at night too... hmmm.. night time dim sum...

Total damage for our indulgence even before we were half way to Genting wasn't little there... RM 91.70 - which is an average of about RM 18 per person :-|

I'm ok with that though - coz we don't get to eat Ipoh dim sum very often :P


  1. Hey, nice! March eh? I lost 6.5k in G about 3 weeks ago. Next trip: end of month! :)

  2. *drool* ....... haven't had dim sum in a while =.=

  3. Great getting to meet you in Kofu-loft last week :)

  4. One of my usual breakfast place when I was small.
    I like the fried fish ball there too!
    The char siew bao and egg tart used to taste good, the quality deteriorated huh?

    Nice meeting you in Ko Fu Loft :)

  5. Huai Bin : 6.5k!!! ohmygawd~~ u never fail to shock me in G :S
    wayeyoung : most of the dim sums here are yummy ;)
    ck lam : it was my honor and pleasure all the way to be able to meet all the other fellow floggers the likes of yourself! :)
    allie : My pleasure allie! and nice to meet you too!

  6. aloha Cheryl! still work on the kofuloft? hehe. nice meeting you.

  7. 'uee dan mui' can get everything here except the favourite uee dan...sob sob..*drooling*

  8. gill gill : finally it's up :P

    Satan Inside : yooo.. kenot get uee dan in Canada one meh?? so sad?!