December 21, 2008

Uhu! hu! from The Loaf @ The Pavillion KL

I used to go ga-ga over J.Co donuts ever since I tasted one, and never really heard of such thing known as cup cake or better still, cheese cup cakes until PChoon introduced Uhu! hu! to me..

Uhu! hu! is the cheese cup cake range offered at The Loaf - a bakery renowned for its Japanese style bakery, and there are only 2 outlets in Malaysia - first one in Langkawi, and now it has made its presence at The Pavillion - hoorahhhhh!!!

Check out some of the Uhu! Hu!s I bought!

L-R, Top-Bottom: Coco Loco; Durian Obsession; Luxurious Chocolate; Healthy Oats; Harmonious Greentea

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Hey..! where's the missing one?

There you are Blueberry Treasures!

We were so tempted with these cute li'l fellas that we couldn't resist and ate one of 'em at MOF :P

Both KW and I liked it so much that we wrestled to see who gets to eat the most! (nah, not really ;)

The cheese were so fine and the portion just right for breakfast, afternoon tea, or just whenever you feel like munching on something.. the taste is not too sweet nor too over powering - we just loved it!!

J.Co and Big Apple . . . please stand aside and make way for The Loaf's Uhu! hu!
Here's my version of the signature logo :D

It came in an environmental friendly box made from recycled paper - very stable to house all my precious Uhu! hu!s

And not forgetting the super XL sized plastic bag

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