January 26, 2011

Royce Nama Chocolate

Generous Lesley treat hubby and myself some really delicious and super refined chocolate when we were in Singapore and we immediately fell in love with it!

This luxury chocolate comes all the way from Japan and you have to try it to know why it's such a mesmerizing experience :)

Now I know what made these so special!

We purposely got a box of Royce for ourselves @ ION Orchard - Nama Chocolate Champagne - Pierre Mignon (SGD 15)

Check out the elaborate packaging.......

.... comes with its very own cooling bag....

and a bag of dry ice pack too! All to keep this delicacy nice and cold for our enjoyment

(above picture taken from http://sparklette.net/food/royce/)

Finally, the gems...

20 Chocolate bricks coated in cocoa powder

(pardon the spotting on the chocolate blocks as we were in Genting Highlands when we finally unveiled this)

The chocolates simply melt in your mouth coz they're so velvety smooth... What a heavenly treat! Feel so pampered whenever we eat this.... *dreamy*

Am craving for it right now! :(

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