January 23, 2011

7 Bistro @ Gurney Walk, Gurney Plaza

Thanks to May, Suchi and myself got to sample some of the nice dishes at 7 Bistro (May is definitely the Queen of Gurney Plaza haha!)

Seven Bistro adorns a contemporary deco with clean lines and I do agree that it looks more like a place to hang out and have some drinks more than a place to have good food....... but I was wrong.


Lychee Melon Kiwi
(RM 10.70)

Summer Berry (RM 10.70)

Golden Wonder (RM 9.70)

We all liked the blended, healthy fruit drinks coz they were rich and blended with fresh fruits

We ordered ourselves some mains and a Tapas to share...

Lemongrass Minced Chicken Cakes
(RM 7)

I liked this one a lot as the chicken cakes were seasoned with herbs and spices but tasted light at the same time - very appetizing. For those who do not like the smell of lemongrass then this might be something to stay away from :)

7's tapas are all priced RM 7 all day long :) and there are other tapas which I look forward to try out too e.g. Traditional Spanish Meatballs, Flamenco Eggs etc.


7's mains are all priced at RM 11 before 7pm so we got ourselves some pretty good deal here since we were there for lunch!

May's Chicken and Avocado Spaghetti (RM 11)

This was not bad but it tasted ordinary, perhaps May may have some other feedback? :)

Suchi's Clams Pasta (RM 11)

The clams did not smell and the whole combination with the pasta was not overpowering and I actually liked it

My Grilled Lamb (RM 11)

When this landed on the table my first impression was : WOW! The portion is Huge~! The piece of lamb was big and it was laid on top of a bed of salad and generous portions of fries too! And that's not all, it was served with 2 types of sauce - mint sauce and another sauce none of us could identify - it's slightly hot and went equally well with the lamb. The grilled lamb tasted awesome and it was not a piece that consisted with a lot of fat and bones - I simply LOVED it!

I'll definitely be bringing hubby here for lunch since the mains only cost RM 11 before 7pm :D

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  1. i tried the lamb too and was very impressed with it as the portion and the price were reasonable. and it tasted nice too!! :)