January 24, 2011

Ming Ren Restaurant @ Genting Highlands

Hubby and I were introduced to this Xin Jiang cuisine restaurant a couple of years back - thanks to Cody's generosity :)

Since then, we have been coming back for more and we wouldn't miss one particular signature dish....

This is the first time sharing our food journey at this place so it's based on 2 of our visits - one back in July last year and one right smack on the 1st of January this year :)

Restaurant exterior, deco and interior..

- July 2010 -

We had Traditional Pu Er tea (RM 20)

Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock (RM 18)

This has always been my favourite vegetable dish as it is a combination of vegetable and soup

Xin Jiang
Lamb Ribs
- Ming Ren's Signature Dish (RM 59)

Some sour radish is served on the side which balances out the well-infused taste of the lamb ribs

Sweet & Sour Chicken (RM 28)

This was just mediocre and the portion was too big for the 2 of us

- Jan 1st 2011

Drinks.... Neat Fresh O.J. (RM 9)

Super neat and ice-less!

Yam Papaya Soup
(RM 12)

Waitress asked : do you want 1 or 2? Hubby said 2 then :)

This is definitely a nourishing soup - best for the King and Queen of Gamblers haha!

Hong Kong Qing Miao
(RM 18)

We requested this vegetable dish to be cooked with Oyster sauce - nice and simple

Chef Special Sauce Loong Tan Fish
(RM 40)

This was braised and came with lots of Qing Miao underneath - the waitress could have informed us when we placed our order so that we can skip the vegetable or order other dishes :(

Last but not least, the signature dish we never miss - Xin Jiang Lamb Ribs (RM 59)

The lamb ribs are well marinated and are well complimented with the sauce provided.

We always enjoy our meals at Ming Ren - the place is cosy, attentive service and we love the food - especially the lamb ribs - YUMMM~

Best of all - WorldCard members enjoy 10% discount - better than nothing :)

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