January 25, 2011

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine @ Pekaka Square

The team had the honor to dine like Kings and Queens @ Wang Chao..... where we had.....

Hai Wong
(Cantonese for Crab King)

This is a dish consisting of vegetables and Tofu drenched in crab meat and crab roe... superb!

Four Heavenly Kings (Vegetable)

Made up of 4 types of vegetables stir-fried with sambal, this brings an appetizing tone to our luxury dinner

Whole Fish ala Assam Laksa

Not sure what this dish is exactly called, but the soup is definitely sour and spicy - just like Assam Laksa's soup. I personally did not fancy this as the soup was a bit too thick to my liking

Yun Thai (Pork) served with Man Thou

This is a sinfully tasty dish as the pork contained fatty portions but the taste is really good and perfectly matched with the warm and soft man thous!

Last but not least, this was the dish that we have all been waiting for - the Star of the night - Poon Choy!

We had the privilege of tasting this precious Poon Choy made up of all seafood and vegetables... check out all the goodies inside!

Prawns, Scallops, Broccoli, Vegetables, Sea Cucumber, Shark's Fin, Black Moss, Mushroom, etc etc...

The Poon Choy claypot seemed to be bottomless as our very own 'bottomless' Eng Soon was also unable to finish everything!

This was my first visit to Wang Chao but the food is pretty good and worth a second visit

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  1. Sounds interesting of this restaurant.I am getting excitement to know more about menu of this restaurant. I can't wait to visit this restaurant as soon. Hope I will find delicious meal there.


  2. Hi there, Wang Chao had now opened another branch along the infamous Gurney Drive, you can consider giving that a try too, though I personally had not tried it before at the new branch.